05 December 2010

Christmas Presents

03 December 2010.

I ate my first Bibingka for this year's Christmas Season. I am almost penniless but I still manage to have a taste of bibingka sold near our dormitory. It's not the traditional delicious and aromatic bibingka. It is but a bibingka to satisfy my desire and to have a feel of Christmas.

Without the cold lonely breeze, Christmas is already here. It is actually too early for the 25th, but even so, I am already celebrating Christmas at the start of the month. Actually, I have received my presents even before December came. I received more than a handful from different persons. Who are they? Who else in my entire life as a student would be willing to give frequent parties and extravagant present but my beloved Professors? Indeed, they gave me grandiose presents and I am enjoying it myself. I even consume my weekends only to spend time with my presents. If only these were adventure games on the computer, how I badly wish to finish them in one day?

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