30 January 2012



he needs not to be smart
neither handsome nor kind
he can be short or tall
masculine or petite
with round big eyes
or sharp firm ones
he maybe in good tan
or be in flawless white
he can be a singer
or he can be an artist,
a varsity or a writer
I'd love it if he's a good cook
I'm terrible on that
he can look good in formal attires
and cool in casual clothing
I'm not very particular with that
it will be good if we share the same interests
at least we can just do anything
he should be a good listener
and he needs to be patient
I easily loose my cool
and get demanding at times
so I need him to moderate me
he should write me letters
I prefer that over roses
he must anticipate my feelings
I'm oblivious at times
he should be gentle sometimes
and playful, and child-like too
he should be able to understand me
that's what I need that most
he needs to be by my side always
not behind me or before me
he should always stay by my side
holding my hand, listening to me
comforting me, and guiding me
making me smile and laugh
he can look foolish sometimes
I am fine with that
as long as he stays by my side
I don't need him to be perfect
that's far off from my ideal
he only has to stay by my side...always.

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