21 June 2012

Portrait Photography: Person, Camera, Nature as One

I have been taking snapshots of my friends every now and then. Sometimes I force them and sometimes I am forced to. I get fair results and a favorite every time so it's fine. This time, however, there was an agreement from both parties, the photographer, me, and the model, my friend.

The venue was in the nearby park in the neighborhood - Zhenghua Park. I told my friend to wear floral or earthy colors since I will take the color out either way. I like black and white or sepia photographs, that's why. I had my fair share of fun and portrait photography, I think that was what it's called, is difficult for various reasons. Firstly, I don't have a tripod and a remote shutter. These are the first two things that I need to get the next time I buy an accessory. Secondly, humans are just too complex that it annoys me. They are moving so I have to capture the movements at the very moment. It will never be repeated so once I missed the chance to do so, I'll never have a next time. Even if I say that, I somewhat like taking pictures of people. Candid, ones. It feels more real to me.

The photos during our photo-shoot were below. I would gladly appreciate comments.

This is the second most favored photo in my networking site. 
ISO 80 / 1/800sec. / f3.5

This is the most favored shot in my social networking site.
ISO 80 / 1/400sec. / f3.2

ISO 200 / 1/160sec. / f4.0

ISO 800 / 1/160sec. / f3.5

ISO 800 / 1/160 sec. / f3.5

This is my favorite shot.
ISO 800 / 1/100sec. / f4.0

ISO 400 / 1/200sec. / f3.5

ISO 800 / 1/100sec. / f4.0

ISO 80 / 1/320 / f3.2

ISO 80 / 1/250sec. / f3.2

ISO 400 / 1/200sec. / f3.5

This is another one of my favorite.
ISO 800 1/250sec. / f3.5

ISO 800 / 1/160sec. / f3.5

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