03 January 2013


Back in grade school, my class advisor will always ask us to write our New Year's resolution after the Christmas Break. I usually write whatever that comes to mind, or what I want to do at that moment. Looking back now, I am not sure if any of those that I wrote really came true. Right now, I believe that New Year's resolutions aren't made to come true. They are just benchmarks.

I just finished making a list of these so-called resolutions. I still think of my targets for the year and usually write it in my planner. Half-way through the year, I usually lose track of them.

2013 Things to Accomplish

1. Keep disturbing stuff with 2012 and welcome new things for 2013.

2. Be in love. It makes you beautiful.

3. Love and appreciate even the simplest things. Hate is such an awful word.

4. Write in your journal. Always. You love to remember even the tiniest details.

5. Be fashionable. Your well-being is important as well as the way others see you.

6. Live healthy. Eat a properly and exercise regularly. Sleep -you need that the most.

It sounds funny but those are the things that first came to me. I'll stick with this for the rest of the year. I wish I could, rather, I have to. To remind me of my resolutions, I decided to write them in a paper and fold it into a crane. I will, then, put it in my calendar or planner so that I will always remember them. :)

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