02 May 2013

May Day

It was my birthday yesterday. I spent it like a normal day. Nothing special happened.

I could be thinking too little of myself since I am not fond of celebrating my own birthday. It was an annual celebration, but since it was about myself, I couldn't be bothered about it. I do things that I find amusing and I usually to stuff depending on my mood. And since it was my day, I really wish for no one to bother me on that very day. It was MY day hence I wish to spend it however I want to without having to think about other people.

Being with other people, I can't help but to consider their condition. But if they decided to go along my whimsicality, then I do things my way despite being with them.

"Are you really fine with this? You can say so if you find this annoying." I would ask repeatedly.
"It's okay." The answer that I will always get. Always.

Honestly, I consider 'it's okay' as a vague answer. I find it confusing since it can be interpreted in many ways. Sometimes I would apologize for what they've been through while being with me and thank them. I don't always do that though since I will always forget.

On my twenty-second year, I spent it with myself. I woke up late that led to the cancellation of my plan for a morning jog, a breakfast and leaving the house early to go for a shoot on Gardens by the Bay. It was roughly 1430hrs when I started my day outside the flat.

I visited a cafe in Petain Road to continue with my cafe hunt and coffee trail. Then, I revisited another cafe in Tyrwhitt Road, which became one of my favorites, thinking that I could see the staff that caught my interest. He was there but he looked so wasted since it was a holiday and they were totally full house. Despite having many customers, I managed to find a good seat in which I stayed for an hour and a half.

I left the cafe and walked from there all the way to Scotts Road where I took my bus ride home. I took my sweet time walking, or strolling rather, taking pictures and shopping. It wasn't exactly a fun day as I have not been in the mood recently, including the very day of my birth. So I spent it casually like how I would usually spend my off day. Though I rejected the idea of staying at home to rest, which was one of my off day norms.

I received my greetings, virtually, from the people I am hoping to receive them. There was one person however that, I am quite certain, would be one of the earliest to give me my birthday greetings. It was only a wishful thinking on my part though. I felt bad about it but I also know that  shouldn't hope for any contact from that person. That person has never failed to greet me a happy birthday every year, on the very day itself. I know, and I am certain, that he has not forgotten that it was my birthday. That person could be out of devices to do so, or like always, that person could be busy.

Whatever the reason was, I wouldn't deny the fact that  felt bad not receiving my birthday greeting from that person. I was actually waiting for one from that person. Would I be delighted to receive a late greeting? Would I be annoyed? I wonder about that myself.

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