28 September 2013


I love your smiles
and the twinkle in your eyes
and the sound of your laughter
that made me want to try harder.

You're a huge, shining star
from a distant galaxy, so far.
But I got to snatch you up
so now I would never stop.

I had you in my arms,
I could feel all of your warmth.
And I wish for time to stop
because forever is never enough.

Our time. Our Story. Our life.
Towards a future that seemed so bright
It was always 'us' for you
I wont complain since it's true.

But I guess I'd let you know
and now I will tell you slow.
In my world, there is only you.
You're my life, but you've no clue.

Sappy? Cheesy? Yeah, that's me lately. I'm still hung up on the current story I was reading on Wattpad. It was still ongoing and I only realized that half-way through the story so far. I shouldn't have read it yet and waited for the last update, even if it takes years.

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