02 October 2013

An Apology

In loneliness I found you
While darkness surrounds you
Everybody comforts you
And no one tries to leave you.

I hate to see you in this situation
Wish that this is only an imagination
Nothing to accept but the realization
That I do not have any other options.

In my arms you’re all I want to keep
And the one that I’ll love so deep
The one I’ll always want to be with
The only one to whom myself I’ll bid.

But all of a sudden this had happened
Without noticing the approaching end
I never expected this occurrence
I do not even want this incidence.

I can never change this destiny He gave
To die at this point of my life is my fate
So, without giving you a word I just leave
Now, an apology is all I can give.

Another poem I made years ago. I made this one for my English course project. 

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