26 December 2015

Back to reality

Hi there! So I'm back to the reality of my life where Singapore is the base of my work and my everyday. It's now four days since I returned from Kansai and I would say that I miss Japan.
For some reason, after my Japan trip, I simply went back to my normal routine of eat-sleep-work. It's like I did not even go to Japan and stayed there for eleven days. Save for my room that's currently in its post holiday state of disaster, everything else is back to normal. I really wanna be back to Japan right now, but this is my reality. It's the accepted fact that I am already back in Singapore living my everyday life in a routine. I would admit however that something just felt a little different. It's probably just my post holiday mood.
Despite my tiring schedule back in Japan, I am still in a good working condition. I did not get sick, though I really thought that I would, granted the dramatic difference in climate between Japan and Singapore. My body probably is dumb. Even if it did register that from the ten degrees and below temperature that I got used to, and that I returned back to over twenty degrees, it did not harshly react to the change. Some would probably be sick the day they returned, but I wasn't normal. Never been, and probably never will be. I don't get sick often, and my worst would just be flu and I could still go to work. Sometimes, I think of being sick in bed as a luxury.
I still need to catch Victor Frankenstein in cinemas before it completely disappear from the big screens. I waited for it since the first time I learned of it. It just so happened that it was released in Singapore while I was busy making arrangements for my trip. Last time I checked, it's still showing at Shaw so I'll go there on my next off which is this coming Tuesday.
Well, that's it for now. Ciao!

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