30 August 2011

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Oh dear, oh dear! It's been a month since I last posted an entry. Why is that so? Well, I have been busy with my one month training in the new work place that I found. It's a small and nice work place but I can't get rid of thinking that I am being oppressed there. Oh well, it should end soon and it's time for me to decide whether I continue it or not. All depends on my Singapore application result.

I'm not giving anymore update about my current workplace, I'll save it for my next entry. It should be quite interesting, hmmm. But I'll state what I've been doing during my days off from work. It was my most awaited day of the week, of course.

There's a time that I went to Rizal Park, Paco Park, and Harbour Square. Can I say "It's just so me to go to weird places"? Lol. Well, I practiced photography under different circumstances. Here goes...

Night Walk @ Rizal Park

How are the photos? I did my best to take those. I went to Rizal Park for a night photography since I heard from my sister that there's a musical fountain show somewhere there. It excites me enough to head out again just after returning.

What can I say? I just loved the colorful rainbow pillars that were dancing, though not in tune with the music. What makes me even more excited is to capture frozen shots of those dancing waters while it brushes the air with colors. For a beginner like me, it's difficult but while I stay there longer, I enjoyed the tune. I just didn't care if I blocked the view of the people watching. I tried various settings such as night scene, low light, fireworks, automatic, and, of course, manual. I love seeing the colors in the screen of my camera so I really am not much disappointed if I don't capture an image of how I thought it would look like. I appears different in my notebook anyway.

So everything is fine and I enjoyed a little discovery. I never knew that there's a Japanese Garden and an Orchid Garden ( if I'm not mistaken) in the Rizal Park. Well, come to think of it, before going there this August, the last time I went there is when I was a kid and we watch a Kite Flying Contest. Seriously, that was like a very loooong time ago. So much took place in a span of ten years eh? It somehow made me realize that I am already an adult, quite sad to be honest.

Monochrome @ Paco Park

I love these photos a lot, particularly the candles and the doves beside a pond of water. I still don't get the basic of black and white photography but I think that black and white photos are interesting. It's plain and dull-looking, yeah, but it conveys more emotions than a normal colored snap shot. One photo can either be totally scary, curios, happy, or sad. It is dramatic, and being monochromatic in color, it draws one's attention. Actually, that was my point of view since I am a fan of black and white photography. A biased way of thinking, that is.

I've searched the net about places in Manila that are good for photography shoots. Paco Park just came in the list that I found. I never actually knew that there existed such a place in Manila, and within the city area at that. It was quite a creepy place since it's basically a round cemetery with the plaza and church at the center. Thank goodness that when I came there there were several student preparing for August's festivities - Buwan ng Wika. If I was alone at that time, I'd be totally conscious of my surroundings. I even tried black and white solo of mine using the 10-second timer. I never really used it, so now I know that it comes in handy. If a few certain friends come in with me, it might be good to have them wear colorful clothes. It'll stand out with all those gray-colored background everywhere.

Sunset @ Harbour Square

I love orange sunsets...the big red sun, the pink and orange clouds, and it's reflection in the sea. It's always a breathtaking scenery, and I loved it since long ago. The photos aren't the usual orange sunset on the beach. These were taken somewhere in CCP Complex, I am not sure if the place is still called that way. There's no big red sun, and orange and pink clouds. Just a bunch or small ships and a setting sun in the background. Well, even so, you just can't take their eyes away from a sunset. It's like it has a magic to draw one's eyes to it until the very end.

Basically, I went to Harbour Square so that I could take a photo of Manila with it's light reflecting on Manila Bay. It's a failure though. I still don't know the proper settings, or rather I don't have the proper equipments. My beloved G11is a prosumer one and not a SLR. Well, once I know of the proper setting for a night reflection photography, I'll get back to the same place. Just wait and see. :)

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