10 September 2011

End of a Troublesome Dream


I'm all prepared to share the tale of my work training. It's a funny, sad short story of a dull life in a small vector I lived. It definitely is short though is comprises of more than a month worth of days.

It all began on a Thursday morning when I was going to attend an interview for a small three star hotel in the heart of Manila. I came early but not so early, just early enough for the ten o'clock schedule. I came in the hotel almost at the same time as the one who called me for an interview. What a twist of fate that has been. Even though she knew that I already arrived, I was still made to wait for like thirty minutes. I find the hotel quite weird since I am used to grandiose hotels like Marriott, Ibis Satthorn, and Royal Princess. Now that I think about it, Ibis Bangkok is also a three star hotel but it's more fabulous than my current three star hotel. Maybe it's because of the brand standard since Ibis is a chain property. Oh well, to each his own. (I've been wanting to use this saying for a long time now.)

The interview eventually started and finished by around eleven-thirty in the morning. It was quite weird since I was asked about mixology when I am applying for Guest Services Specialist a.k.a. Front Desk. I was interviewed by three people. First is the HR, second is Marketing who handles the corporate accounts of the Front Office, and last is Accounting who also handles the over-all operation of the hotel. It really is a small hotel handled by a number of people. It still operates. It has guests, and a number of regular guests at that, coming from the Metro, to provinces to foreign countries. The fact that it produces income is the proof of its existence. Recently, I read a memorandum thru email about the sales for the month of August. It actually reached seven figures and I don't know if that is small or big amount; I never worked in the accounting department, anyway.

In the end, I passed the interview and I was quite in the shocked-state-of-mind. I am still thinking since I find the hotel odd, but I accepted it anyway. I started exactly on first of August. My schedule was six o'clock in the morning to three o'clock in the afternoon. I thought I got it wrong so I double check it. However, it is clearly stated that my schedule is six to three in the afternoon. I was like, what is wrong with this? I have to work for nine hours a day? Maybe, I have a one hour break? I wouldn't know unless I start to work. It was already a nightmare that I have to wake up around 5 o'clock in the morning. And the fact that I need to work nine hours a day is like a torture for me, mentally that is. And so, my one month and ten days have passed, slowly,plainly with a bit of excitement from time to time. My last day is almost coming to an end. That is actually tomorrow. (I am writing this during my shift from twelve noon to nine o'clock in the evening, after the people doing office work left.) How will my last day go? I wouldn't know unless I come to work tomorrow.

Just this week, since I was on a graveyard shift, which is from nine o'clock in the evening to six o'clock in the morning, from the day my training contract ended, I was informed that my evaluation result already came out. It was both positive and negative. I think I have positive remarks for the work itself, and I got negative remarks for the attitude and personality. I was thought of as a kid, though I admit that I am, quite. Then, just yesterday, I was informed that I did not pass as a Guest Services Specialist. If I know, the HR was just pissed at me since 'I am not answering the phone with gentleness'. Does she want me to sweet-talk on the phone when it should be formal? Err...I actually don't know whether to be depressed or happy about it. I wanted to resign from this work as soon as possible since I am putting more importance for my Singapore thing. However, I was being held back since one of my colleagues at least wanted to take a leave. She already booked her flight to somewhere. I am happy to be deprived of the task of resignation. I am depressed, partially, since I am worried if I really can perform the duties for the position of the Guest Services Specialist. I will have the same work when I go to Singapore. But I think that I was removed from my position due to the hotel's peculiarities. Not that I really mind it.

Our Marketing Officer was informed of it. She tried to comfort me by saying that she gave me good remarks for the evaluation and that it's a blessing in disguise since I will be better off at other hotels than there. I should just accept their sympathy. They don't know that I already have another employer on a foreign country. It's better to keep quiet about it. Maybe, my colleagues will inform them about it.

My experience here was quite a blast. It was my first time being in the Front Desk; deciding for others' actions; performing cashiering duties; being on a graveyard shift; reading online comics while on duty; receiving enveloped cash for salary; having a group check-in; dealing with rude guests; receiving stuff from guests; and even being recruited for a passenger ship. It was my first time for various things. It was also my first time to be removed from my position. It was fun, mentally stressful, plain and easy. People here are nice and easy to get along with. I have my own opinions to lots of them. I'm keeping that to myself though. :)

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