05 September 2012

LVELJ: Randomness-filled August

Here goes my second entry for my La Vie En Le Jour concept.

Every since the year 2009, I've become more conscious of the month of August. In a way, it has become special to me even though August 2009 was such a horrible period in my life so far. I don't remember well the entire stuff that happened that time but I am sure that the important things will remain in my memory. An I am not to state those things here.

Well, three years have passed since then and August 2012 just passed as well. It was not much of a busy month for me although it has been the most random and most activity-filled month since coming back to Singapore. I wouldn't be stating each day since not everyday is eventful.

My Muslim friends celebrated Hari Raya Puasa on August 19. Barely a month prior to that date, they were fasting. I am sometimes joining some of my friends for dinner whenever it's time for fasting's break which was a quarter or so past 1900hrs. I've also visited the bazaar in Paya Lebar and Geylang areas. It was such a lively fair.

On the first night I went for the fair, it suddenly started raining heavily and so we weren't able to enjoy the night's breeze on dry grounds. The second night I went there was to accompany my friends for some last minute shopping. I was looking forward to going there on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa but they cancelled that so I didn't managed to experience how packed the area was.

The Olympics 2012 held in London also happened between end of July to early August. I was not able to watch the full opening ceremony aired on some TV channels but the parts I got to watch were interesting. I love the part of Rowan Atkinson's (Mr. Bean) participation. I think the opening ceremony is grand and elegant. I love watching the diving competition and the gymnastics. The participants are just beautiful and graceful.

I had my company spirit improved a bit. I participated in the Gardenia Factory Tour and the Care and Share for the old folks from a certain organization. There wasn't so much to discuss regarding the Gardenia Tour so I'll be stating more about the Care and Share event. That was held on the evening of 16 August 2012 in my workplace. That was the first care and share event that I participated to and I had fun with it. We were providing service for our guest from an organization for the old folks. They were all old people and I don't know if they have family or not.

I have assisted some of them in going through the stairs since they are a bit fragile due to their age. I actually don't know how to approach them so I am observing at first. Honestly, they are quite pitiful to be living away from their own family, if they still have. Most of them are friendly and some doesn't even want to be helped. There are also some who would keep talking to you or wave at you or greet you with friendly and warm smiles. I can't believe that I will be surrounded by several old people. I am avoiding being too affectionate with them since I am there as part of the service crew.

I was assigned on a table with all female guests. There are three old folks who stand out in our table - I guess they are friends and one is taking care of the two, another is always talking to me in Tamil so I juts said yes and nod in reply without understanding what she said, and another one was scratching her head most of the times. The others are sitting quietly and watching the performances. They left shortly after some performances after their meal.

I also got an employment offer from my old manager in my workplace when I had my training in two years ago in Singapore. It was a good offer and going back to the food and beverage area is not so bad for me. Furthermore, it will be easier to catch up since I already know how things work there. I attended the interview a week after I was offered the employment. Unfortunately, I am under-qualified since I lack experience of working in the food and beverage department and they are hiring for executive positions which I wasn't informed of. It was such a waste since I was even recommended by the Food and Beverage Operations Manager. Truth be told, it made me quite depressed by the fact that I didn't get accepted although I had known all along that that would be the case considering several other stuffs. Failures aren't that easy to be accepted after all. But, I have moved on from that depression by now. It as too good of an opportunity and it wasn't the right time for that yet.

I also had a friend who visited Singapore on the third quarter of August. I have to entertain them of course since we have work in the same place for our training back in 2010. We didn't get to spend much time together since I only managed to see them on their last two days in Singapore. We eat dinner with another friend and I went with them on their errands too. I also send them off to the airport.

August 2012 has been filled with food and people for me. I have been with several people too much that I didn't get enough me-time for myself. I didn't managed to take much photos as well. Always being with people leaves me little to no time to think in peace. I managed to finish reading Helen Keller too. I tried reading it two years ago but I didn't manage to finish the book. This time, I had all the free time during work to read a book.

I still had the entire September ahead of me. I have no clear plans yet but I have arranged meetings with some friends already. I have to go to various places and take pictures. Having nicely taken photos also uplifts my mood and visiting weird places is just for my own satisfaction. I am currently trying to learn Melayu and reviewing my Stenography. I wish to review my French as well. I will have to study coffee art at home too - without a milk steamer or frother. I'm good at planning and I wish to implement them too.

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