01 November 2012

Color My Days

Recently, I have not been going out during my days off from work. Perhaps the fatigue from doing overtime since August have piled up. What's more? I missed some really good stuff for photographs - Chinatown's mass lantern parade and Chinatown lantern displays. It was probably due to the cloudy and rainy season lately that I'm being too lazy to go anywhere, since I'm a sunny-day dependent photographer.

Recently, it has been raining at random times of the day here - morning, noon and afternoon. Sometimes during dawn and sometimes evening. It was so random that you just have to see the weather outside to know if it's going to rain sooner or not. In a way, it was a good thing since I wouldn't have to complain about the hot weather. It's just that I can't do any outside photography since it became a habit not to go somewhere if it's raining. Simply speaking, I am stuck at home after morning shifts and on off days.

What good stuff it caused me is that I managed to polish some old skills I have. I managed to create some small oil pastel artwork, though they are a crappy. In all honesty I haven't used them in more than five years now. I feel a bit accomplished by using my artistic skills once again. I also did some small sketches of my face based on some pictures I have in my Ipod Touch. Of course, they are really lousy since it was my first time doing human sketches from pictures. It was interesting but realist sketches aren't really my thing.

I although had some progress with my crochet. I haven't finished my gray beanie but I am doing well for now. I also started to make a small doll though I had originally planned for a bigger one. It was all for my desire of doing outfits made from crochet. I thought I should start by making doll outfits first. Hence, I started making a doll. The tricky part was the hair. I have to do and undo it several times until I feel satisfied.

My G11 was mostly untouched for the whole month since I last used when I went fishing. I was totally lazy to go out. The rainy season really made me feel cozy at home. I don't have the desire to have some new photos either. I just feel dull for the monotony that went on for a while now. I wanted to go to some museums and see artworks for free but I was very lazy to do so. I was hoping that November and the approaching Christmas will bring back my high spirits.

LVELJ.C06 (01.11.12)

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