24 November 2013

The Night I Met You

27th October XXXX
Blasting party music.
Skinny girls in either short shorts or short skirts.
Smell of alcohol and cigarettes.
Loud cheers from a lively crowd.
No, it wasn't a list of things I despise. Honestly, I had never thought I'd get to experience seeing these things first hand. I mean, I was the stuck up girl you'd find in a library reading a book. Apart from movies that I have been forced to watch, I never even dreamed of seeing these for real. And there was actually another thing to be added on the list.
Sound of revving engines.
"Hey, Angel. You okay?" A masculine voice pulled me out of my thoughts. The cold feel of the metal bar I was holding onto came rushing back to me. I was standing behind a railing, which was the only thing separating me from a crowd of people partying like mad.
I turned my head to the side to be greeted by Jacob's worried face. Why he was looking worried, I had no idea. I knew very well that I'm perfectly fine. Also, I knew that I looked like an idiot as I glanced between him and the crowd of people and the rushing cars in a dumbfounded awe.
"Look, if you do-" He was cut off by someone calling his name from behind him. The voice definitely belonged to a guy. What surprised me though was the clarity of his voice over the blasting noise of the place.
Jacob groaned when he heard the voice so I was certain that he didn't want to see the guy. Or at least not at that time. I tried to look past him to see who was coming towards us, but he immediately blocked the view as he turned on his heel.
"Hey, bro! I actually thought you're not coming." The guy who approached us greeted with his smooth voice. At a closer hearing range, the voice sounded gentle and smooth. I still couldn't see the owner of the voice though, since Jacob was such a tall guy while I'm a dwarf.
"Definitely wouldn't miss a day of this, man." Jacob responded with a shrug. And I could imagine the smirk on his face as he said that.
"So how's your little date?" The guy asked in a teasing tone and Jacob fell silent. Unable to keep to myself any longer, I stepped to his side and revealed myself to his friend.
I tried to put a small smile on my face. I didn't know if it came out as I expected because it doesn't felt like that. My face was probably distorted from the surrealism of today.
I am not sure why I wasn't astounded too much by good looking people. Maybe it was because I have always been around these kinds of people when I am so dull. You could say I just got used to it. So seeing Jacob's friend, who turned out to be another hottie, did not starstruck me.
He was standing about the same height as Jacob. Yep, a giant who's about a head and a half taller than me. The sides of his hair was in a neat short cut while his fringe was slightly long, covering a part of his forehead. He was wearing a black pullover with the sleeves pulled up just above his elbow. It was paired with dark-washed jeans and black Vans. If he has a car, I would bet that it was also black. The prim and proper emo.
Almost immediately upon stepping beside Jacob, the guy's eyes were set on me. He looked me up and down with a confused look on his face. After a careful inspection, his lips formed into a smirk that was almost identical to Jacob's.
"I see." That was all he said after studying my appearance. I didn't get what he meant and I really didn't plan on understanding it either. I've had more to think about in my mind than his two curious words.
It wasn't only the street racing event that pretty much struck me. It was probably the whole of today. I didn't know if his idea of date was messed up or he just preferred something different. I wouldn't deny that I had a blast though. It's just that the place was never one I would have expected. Not even in my entire existence certainly.
With his sleek car, you would have thought that he would bring me somewhere fancy, like a fine-dining restaurant. Heck, I would have even thought that he could get me on a yacht. Not that I'd enjoy something of that level. The point is his plan never went like that.
First I was woken up at seven in the morning and it didn't make me happy at all. You could say it was the polar opposite and I'm dead serious. Then, I had breakfast which I had not taken for years. The most astonishing part of the day though was the date itself. I was taken to a firing range and I actually held and fired a pistol and rifle. Interesting eh? I was more shocked though.
And the surprise did not end there too. We went fishing afterwards for our late lunch. It was like a riverside picnic because he brought other things to grill besides the fishes that we caught. Correction, the fishes that he caught.
If you were a normal girl living a middle class life, would you ever expect being brought to a shooting range for a first date? Then go fishing for lunch? Okay, maybe the social status wasn't really the problem. I only had one boyfriend for my seventeen years of living. What I was used to with dates were restaurants and cinemas. Normal and typical dates. No gun shooting. No fishing by the river. And definitely no night racing which was most likely illegal.
First time. Every thing about him was like a first for me. Going on a date with him,  who was more or less a stranger - okay, less than a stranger. Pulling a trigger to fire a gun. Going fishing for lunch. And attending a street race. It was all a first time experience for me. But they weren't bad at all.
I felt a tap on my shoulder snapping me out of reminiscing the events of the day. I turned to face Jacob's worried expression. Again. Just why was he so worried?
"Are you okay, Angel?" He asked again. I stared at him for a second trying to process his words. Angel. I don't know why, but he kept on calling me that. I didn't mind it though.
"Yeah." I answered simply. I looked around us and found myself to be surrounded with people. I couldn't see the railing that was separating me from the crowd. I was already a part of that crowd.
He leaned in closer to me and studied me for a moment. "Are you tired? You know I can send you home."
"You definitely wouldn't miss a day of this." I stated mimicking him. I remembered his words earlier as he was talking to his friend named Mark. The said friend stood on my other side watching the crowd go wild.
A small smile came to his face and he shook his head a little. "Why do you remember unnecessary things?" He asked.
"Couldn't help it. I was born that way." I shrugged and took a sip of the canned Mountain Dew I was holding. A soft groan left my lips as the fuzzy drink slid down my throat. All of this was real, I thought to myself.
He let out a breathy chuckle. It sounded nice and clear hearing it right by my ear. It even overpowered the loud noise from the crowd. "Just let me know when you want to go home. And-"
"I know. Remember your words." I said cutting him off. He had mentioned the same things over and over again. "One, never take anything from anyone here. Two, never leave your side, or his." I gestured to Mark who just gave me an amused look. I was starting to think that he was a man of a few words. "Three, if someone I don't like talk to me, tell you or him." I gestured again to Mark.
"Or him." His voice surprised me. I never expected him to say something. I followed the direction of the finger he was pointing to. He was referring to the guy who was coming towards us with a big grin on his face.
"Dude!" He called out to Jacob as he came closer. Jacob once again groaned, much like he did when Mark came. Doesn't he like the guy too? But they were friends right? He came closer and closer with the big grin still plastered on his face. The next thing I knew, I was watching the pair as they did the fist bump thing. Wow! A guy thing, I thought sarcastically. As if gun shooting wasn't one at all.
"I really thought you're ditching us. You should show yourself to Chris. He's sulking in his car." The new guy said laughing.
"Seriously? Is he a kid?" Jacob asked in mocked disbelief.
"You know how he thought of you as his lucky charm." The new guy answered. Then his eyes fell on me. He eyed me curiously and looked at Mark.
I heard Jacob groaned again. "No dude, wrong. Danica, Nate. Nate, Danica." He made a quick introduction. I never knew it could be that simple. I always cracked my mind just thinking how to introduce people to each other. Note to self: just do the introduction next time and forget formalities whatsoever.
"Right." Nate said after studying me again with a pair of curious eyes. Much like Mark's response earlier. Just why is that? They were men of few words I guess. That makes Jacob a black sheep then. He seemed to like to talk.
Nate was undeniably another hot guy. Were all of Jacob's friends good looking? Unlike Mark's neat appearance, Nate was more like your comfy and casual guy. Longer and stylishly disheveled hair, dark green hoodie, plain jeans and black sneakers.
I tried to smile at him and offered a hand to shake. It went completely ignored as he pulled me into a bear hug with that big grin of his. And I will be honest, I thought he wanted to crush me to death.
"Danica is it? First time coming here?" He asked when he pulled away. Jacob was scowling at him but Nate ignored him. I could hear Mark's chuckle in the air as well. I only managed to nod, dumbfounded at his enthusiasm.
I didn't know why but he looked stern for a moment. It was just for a split second that it made me hesitate if I saw right. Then he made a quick glance to Jacob before returning his gaze to me. "So, we stick together. People here could get way too rowdy and crazy sometimes."
"Sure. But no bear hugs. You'd kill me otherwise." I answered. For a moment he looked blank but almost immediately a Cheshire cat grin was plastered on his face.
He placed his hands on my shoulders and shook me. Just for clarification, he did not only shook my shoulders, he shook my whole body. It reminded me of the time earlier in the day when Jacob grabbed my arm and I fell in the couch. Just like that, Nate doesn't seem to know how to control his strength as well.
I was only thankful that Jacob pulled his friend from me. I stumbled a bit backwards when I was released from Nate's grasp. His shaking made me a little dizzy. Luckily, Mark caught me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders for support. I mumbled a thank you to him.
"No problem. He's just always like that." He answered.
I watched as Jacob and Nate bicker with each other. It was actually kind of funny with Jacob looking like he was about to explode. Being with Nate, Jacob's suave aura just disappeared. Like he was demoted from the extremely hot male model to the extremely hot boy-next-door. Still extremely hot yes? That should mean something.
After grunting loudly, Jacob turned his attention back to me, a stern look on his face. "Angel, I'll just be gone for a short while. A really short while. Few minutes. So just stay here with Mark and-"
"Dude, I'm going with you. I need to see the guy too." Mark interrupted him before I could manage to do so.
"Then, I'm staying here until you returned back." Jacob said firmly looking at Nate.
"But you know that it will be better to show up there now." Nate shrugged.
"I couldn't leave her alone here." Jacob defended.
Feeling left out again, I interrupted their little dispute. "Why don't we all go together. So you all can go and I wouldn't be left here alone." The three guys stared at me in disbelief. Just what was wrong with what I said? I only said something that was the most logical option possible.
"You know I can stay here with her. Right, Danica?" Nate was the one who broke the silence. He stepped closer to me and stood just beside me. Wrapping an arm around my shoulders. At least the shaking act was gone.
I noticed Jacob shooting daggers at Nate which the carefree guy just ignored. "I think it's better to bring her along than have her stay with you alone."
"Ah, you really think so?" Nate responded with a knowing smirk on his face. Jacob cringe as if he thought something wouldn't go well when I actually came with them to who-knows-where.
At Jacob's reaction, Nate's smirk turned into a grin. "You haven't seen him yet?" Jacob asked Mark.
"Got here just a few minutes earlier than you. Needed to attend to things." Mark replied. Jacob groaned again. "I don't think there would be any harm in him staying with her." Mark added.
Jacob stared at him flatly. "I'll tell you what. This" He gestured to Nate's whole body. "alone is called disaster."
Mark just shook his head tapping Jacob in the shoulder. Oh, I forgot to mention that there was a big grin on his face as he did that.
"Why don't we ask the princess then?" Nate butted in glancing at me. The other two guys followed suit, and looked at me expectantly. Jacob most especially.
Thinking things through under pressure. That was one of my good points. "Yep. I'll be fine staying with him here." I answered confidently, with a smile as bright as the sun.
"See. We'll get along just fine. And I swear, no harm will befall upon her." Nate assured the other guys but I felt like it would be otherwise.
After a little more while of bickering among the guys, during which I have decided it would be better for me to shut up, Mark and Jacob left. I watched as the pair disappeared in the crowd of partying people. When they were completely out of sight, Nate, who stood beside me, nudged me in the arm lightly.
"So if your name's Danica, why was Jay calling you Angel? That your second name or something?" He asked.
I have noticed that Nate and Mark have been calling Jacob as Jay most of the time. I figured it was his nickname since Jay was short form of Jacob, so I didn't bother much about it. But why he was calling me Angel, I had no idea. I mean where did he get Angel if my full name's Danica Felix Reyes? It just doesn't make sense. It never actually bothered me until now. Because someone has actually noticed and pointed it out. Having to explain myself is one of the things I hate. "Honestly, I had no idea. Maybe you can ask your friend for me and then tell me the reason?"
Nate only chuckled at my response. He shook his head slightly, his hair going in all directions. "Say, did it hurt?" He asked snickering. I jerked my head up to him. His question baffled me like it sounded familiar but I can't seem to recognize how.
I looked at him confused which only made him laugh. "Sorry, I didn't get what you mean." I answered when his laughter died down.
"Ah, forget it. I just couldn't help myself." He answered grinning at me. "By the way, where did he bring you earlier?" He asked.
I didn't know if I should answer the question. Would it impress him or make fun of Jacob. I mean, shooting guns is not exactly where you bring a girl for a first date. "Um, fishing?" It wasn't a lie but it was still a safe answer. Safest I could think of under pressure without having to lie at least. You wouldn't normally bring a girl in the riverside to fish for lunch for a first date too.
A glint of knowing appeared on his eyes which were partly amused. "And?" How did he know that there was more? Oh, right. They were actually friends.
"Just fishing?" I answered looking away from him and back into the crowd of partying people. If he already knew where Jacob brought me why still push it?
"Oh, c'mon!" He nudged me in the arm once again. "He brought you to Philip's eh?"
"If you already knew, why are you even asking?"
"Just confirming." He shrugged and took a sip of his canned beer.
"Confirming what?"
"Stuff." He answered simply. "Want me to tell you another place he will bring you to?"
"And how can you be so sure that there will be another time?" I asked.
"I just knew. We can bet on it if you don't want to believe me."
"You sound confident."
"Because I am. So how about it? If he brought you out another time and to that place, you treat me to a meal of my choice. If he did not bring you to that place, I treat you to a meal of your choice."
His offer sounded convincing. There was actually a place that I've been dying to go to. And what do I have to lose anyway? I'm pretty sure that there wouldn't be a next time. "Deal. And you better prepare for it." I answered smirking at him.
Our little chit chat continued on. It was actually fun talking to him that I did not realize how long the other two were gone. I didn't wonder what took them so long since I was drowned in the conversation with Nate. The guy could be so funny and the chat just went on naturally. From a third party point of view, we probably doesn't looked like a pair that just met minutes before.
The day was actually filled with fun and surprises for me. You know the feeling when everything just felt so right and happy? Like you couldn't be bothered by anything? I felt like that for the whole of today. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. What ended my happy and fun-filled day was a little commotion followed by an eerily familiar sound that hung in the air.
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