22 October 2014


It's off beat; am I on track?
Just go forward, don't look back
The tune of everyday
Always sad, mad and gay
Sometimes its monotony
Makes me feel dreary

Same things, different day
Just like a film on replay

I'm bored of this dryness
Tired of the still, sameness
But it goes on and on and on
This music in repetition
How am I s'pose to stop this?
How do I beat this reprise?

Running straight forward
Not stopping then panting hard
It was always the same things
Nothing new, it's kinda boring
This is my usual everyday
And now I'm getting gray

On a brand new day that's  sparkling and shinning
It's the same old stuff that's dusting and fading

The music played again
From the start to end
How many times has it been?
Is this a punishment for a sin?
I'm tired, how do I stop this?
Enough, someone stop it please?

And it played again
From beginning to end
The repeat just goes on
And the colors are still monotone
The same tune, words and feel
How do I keep it from being still?

Had enough of my everyday
I'm tired of this reprised play
I pulled on my earphones
While the music still goes on
It was time to let this go
Or it will be the same tempo

And the music finally stopped
Many new things I could pick up
The grayness of everyday
Are changing in a funny way
New things for the new day
Finally, a new tune is on play

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