15 June 2014

The Night I Met You


I was right. I knew that I shouldn't have let them do that. I was the only person against the idea and I couldn't do anything against the majority. But because I was extremely against the idea, I set two conditions. One was that I will have no participation in it. The second became a bet with Nate but it depends on how the situation turns out. All of us agreed with it the conditions, if they win, they had their share of fun and I need not do anything for them. But if I win, they would definitely have a taste of the underworld. They were aware of that much the moment they made the bet with me. I won the moment I saw tears flowing out of her eyes. At that very moment, it felt like all of my blood boil that my veins almost burst. I was raging inside but I kept my composure and only glared at my friends. That was just a warning of what is yet to come. They knew I mean business, and this time especially is not an exception.

As we made our way to our place, I glanced at her through the rear mirror. She was happily talking with Nate in the back seat as she tried on the masks that he made for her. I was still mad even by that time.

"Just drive. She's not going anywhere." Mark remarked.

"I know." I replied coolly. I took another glance at her before setting my gaze on the road, but I caught her looking at me as well. She noticed me and gave me a warm smile. It was only then that I began to calm down.

We arrived at our subdivision a little earlier than planned so we decided to spend some time first at our place. We also need to wait for Chris who has been assigned to do something else for the prank they played on her. I just did not know how he managed to pull it out or if he was successful. But it was Chris we were talking about. Any assignment that fell on him will definitely be done beyond expectation.

When the color of indigo wrapped the entire sky, and the stars started twinkling, we headed out for our mission. Chris joined us shortly after we left the house. He was wearing his complete outfit, grim reaper's black cloak with hood and mask that Nate proudly made and painted. Of course, he also had his sickle made of cardboard that Nate also crafted. I would admit that it looked so damn real. I just hope that none of the patrols would come and invite us for questioning.

"Chris, Danica. Danica meet Chris." I introduced although both of them are wearing their masks.

Danica started to remove her mask but Chris interfered. "I should like to see that beautiful face of yours behind the mask but I’m up for the thrill of waiting. Isn't it more romantic that way?" Chris initiated. "But it's good that I finally got to meet you."

I heard a soft giggle from her, and unconsciously, I elbowed him on his arm. He paid me no attention though. I was fine with that. What I was not fine was the fact that I was getting overprotective and pretty damn possessive of her when I have no right to.

"Same here. It's good that I finally met you." Danica replied. "I mean, Nate and Jacob always tell me something about you."

"And I bet that whatever that something is was never good." Chris commented.

"Okay, cut! Can we start now? Like for real?" Nate joined in, sounding impatient.

Nate was all giddy the whole day, like a little girl looking forward to receive her newest doll. In addition to Christmas and Chinese New Year - yes, the twins came from a Chinese bloodline although it was not apparent in their physique - Halloween is one of Nate's favorites. Yearly we only go around the town for trick or treat because of him. I know for myself that we were too old for that but it was fun, and having fun knows no age. He was in charge of our costumes and props, and I commend him for doing a great job every year.

"Guess we should, before our big boy here started throwing tantrums." Mark said comically, wrapping an arm around Nate's shoulders. I had known Nate for a long time and I knew that he really would sulk afterwards if we had not collected candies enough for his satisfaction. He said that it was the reward for his efforts. But in reality it was how he rate his craftsmanship. He has some confidence issues so sometimes he just needed proof.

"By the way, is Jane coming with us?" She asked suddenly when we were ready to head out for our mission.

"Nope. She said we're idiots for stealing candies meant for kids." I replied.

"She just doesn't know how to have fun. Unlike you right, Danica?" Nate butted in.

"I wonder about that." I snorted at her answer, or at how she responded to Nate's behavior more like.

We knocked on every house that we passed by trying our luck for treats. Some houses would give a good deal of sweets, some even gave out homemade cakes or pies. Others prepared tricks or pranks to scare the visitors. We passed by several children wearing adorable outfits with their guardians; some are smiling widely while some are crying. There were also several teens roaming around, dressed in a more mature Halloween icons. Although there were several outstanding costumes that we saw, we care more about a different matter. We try to make it a point to see the baskets, or plastic bags for most teens, that they carry with them, comparing their hauls with ours.

"Say, how about we go separately?" Mark suggested as we sat on the side of the street drinking canned sodas from a vending machine.

"Individually?" Chris checked.

“Pairs. Three and two." He answered.

"That sounds good. At least we don't have to go all over the town." I added.

"And how would the pairing go?" Nate asked.

"That's a given bro. The three of us." Chris pointed at himself, Nate and Mark. "And the two of them." Then he point to Danica and me. "Unless...."

"Ah! That's fine." Nate frantically answered stealing a glance at me. "I'd like to live longer..." He mumbled under his breath but I heard him.

Of course there was no question with that arrangement. Not Mark, Nate or Chris. Well, Danica might have issues with that but it's not like I would just let her be paired with any one of them, and alone for that matter. They knew that I would have forced them to leave us alone one way or another, so it's better that only the two of us be paired up from the start. It saves everyone's time and energy. Besides it will be really awkward for two guys to go around the neighborhood by themselves, even if they have known each other for years or they are brothers.

I had planned this beforehand and have told about the guys about it. Halloween is not the main event for tonight. It was only made to appear as such but there is a much better thing happening later. I am certain that she would like it. I think she already had her share of fun with knocking and shouting 'trick or treat' anyway. Can you believe that she had never participated in this kind of event when she was younger? It only made me wonder as to what kind of childhood she had.

We went on a different street from the others but not before Nate whispered something to her. I have not even the tiniest bit of idea what it was about but I am as sure as hell that I would not like that. Why? It was Nate were talking about here after all. Danica and I did a little bit of trick-or-treating on our own but I made sure not to have it last for long. It was kind of awkward and embarrassing to be honest. I offered to return to our house to rest because it was already pretty late in the evening to which she agreed.

I brought her to the rooftop of my house - the main stage for tonight's big event. I have prepared some things beforehand just for tonight like snacks, refreshments, blankets and even pillows. It was already eleven in the evening, an hour after the celestial show supposedly began. There was really no point in watching it from the time the astronomers have stated it would start. After all, we could only see a little from then. And even it was closer to the peak time, it was still not guaranteed that we could see a lot. Ah! I have forgotten. The main event that I was talking about was a meteor shower that you could only see once in ten years, or so the reports say.

"Uhm, is there something here?" I heard her ask. I finished setting up blankets on the floor and turned to face her.

"A little something, yeah." I replied. "So how about we sit here for now?" I offered hooking my thumb to the blankets I placed on the floor. I made sure that she was comfortably settled and had enough blankets on her to keep her warm. I decided on lying on the blanket to have a better view of the night sky.

It was a new moon tonight making it perfect for stargazing. There were no clouds hindering the view as well. And I checked the weather forecast to ensure that it was never going to rain tonight. It was the perfect a night for a meteor shower. I just hoped that she would liked it.

"So what are we going to do here?" She asked.

"Do you like stargazing?" I asked her.

"Stargazing? Well, I am not sure if I like it. I have never done it before." She answered honestly.

"So you're saying that you never went out during night time just to see the stars?" I asked pretending to be surprised.

"I did. But if you say stargazing, does that not include constellations and other pretty complicated stuff?" She confirmed, confused.

"No, it doesn't." I simply answered.

"Eh? Seriously? So all my life I've thought of it wrongly?" She remarked frantically. I let out s little snicker. "Why?"

"Sorry, I'm just kidding. But we'll be stargazing to night. Is that fine with you?" I asked her.

"Yeah!" She answered a little too loud.

"Excited aren't we?" I teased her.

"Well since you're offering that should mean that you can teach me about constellations right?" She asked.

"Pretty much. I used to do it with my dad. You could say that is how we hangout with each other." I informed her.

"It's the first time I heard you speak of your dad."

"I don't have much memories of him."

"You mean..." She trailed off, thinking carefully on how to put her words.

"Yeah. Been ten years since then."

"I'm sorry." She said sadly.

"You don't have to worry about it. It's been a long time now." I had not expected the conversation to turn out as such. I can see that she looked a little solemn from the corner of my eyes. I should change the topic. "Come to think of it, you really haven't told me anything about yourself."

"Well, that's because I have always thought of myself and my life in general as boring. I don't think anyone would be interested in anything about me." She said.

"I'd be. Family, friends, hobbies, anything. So care to share?"

"Are you sure? I mean I don't really have anything inter-"

"Don't be like that. You may think that the life you are living right now is boring. But I'm sure that there is someone out there who would trade anything just so they could live like you do. And if it’s boring, you could just paint it with fun"

"Hmmm..." She seemed to have pondered a little about it.

"And you can tell me anything, I'd be glad to listen. Even the things that you think are the most boring. And while you're at it, I suggest you lay down like me. You'd miss a good show otherwise." I answered.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Who knows?"

She changed her position and lied down just beside me. I was right on using a smaller blanket as a mat. I offered her more blankets in case that was not enough for her.

"So?" I urged.

"If you insist, then I think it's fine. As you know, I live with my cousin. I also have a younger brother who's living in our house. I usually go back there to see my family every weekends but they are currently out of town. I'm not really family oriented or anything. It was just a condition set by my father otherwise he wouldn't have let me live independently. Although living with a cousin is not completely independent at all."

"I think I understand your father's sentiments. If I have a daughter too, I wouldn't just allow her to live on her own all of a sudden."

"That maybe so but he's too..."  She hesitated to continue.


"Ye-yeah." She nodded sounding a little embarrassed. So she was a daddy's girl. "Ah!" She suddenly got up from her position. "Did you see that?"

"What?" I asked but not hiding the grin that was on my face.

"A shooting star! I should have made a wish." She said a little disappointed. "Ah! Another one. Wow! Two at once! It's the first time I've seen that much in one night." It was kinda fun watching her get excited over a couple of shooting stars. Well, I guess it has finally started.

"Well, Angel, how about you lie down again and enjoy the show. You'll get to see more of that."

"What do- A meteor shower?!" I nodded. "Seriously?!" I nodded again.

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