13 February 2011

At long last!

My class just held our event last night, at A.Venue Makati. It was a successful blast in my point of view. I am working backstage so I really never watched our event, nor do I know what was going on stage. On top of that, I left the event hall to pick up one of our performers I am responsible for. Err, I really am not blaming myself nor anyone. And they cannot blame me purely for that, as well. When I returned to the venue, I felt very tired since I got to rest in the taxi. I literally slept on the taxi and woke up sweating. I did not really enjoyed the later part of the event aside from one performance of Spongecola - Tambay. I think it was a new single from their latest album. I am having the LSS for this song. The song goes like this..

 "....umawit kasabay ng kanta. Tumatambay at nag-ka-ka-ibigan, alam naman nila kahit di na mag-akitan. Tumatambay at nag-ka-ka-igihan. Ito ang aking kwento (Ito rin ang aking kwento). Ituloy mo lang ang kwento, at tayo'y gagawa ng kanta."

I kind of like the song since I am an OPM lover. To conclude the event, it was a success although we're very troubled backstage.

Anyway, I planned to have my hair rebonded today since it really looks messy because of its length. I have it cut short the night before our event, so now its totally messy. Maybe I should just schedule the rebonding for tomorrow?

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