02 February 2011

New interest

I haven't made any entry lately. I was totally busy with several things. Well, to top it all, I was busy sleeping. :) Even though I say that, I am still lacking a huge amount of sleep. I really have a bad sleeping habit.

Lately, and until now, I am very busy with several things that I don't know which one I should do first. But oh well, at least I am managing to do things little by little. All of them are school related things. Actually, I should feel pressured right now because, in about a week, we'll be having our big event. Perhaps, because of several things that I have to do, I tend to become more composed? Is that a bad thing? Oh, well. Come March and I'm free

Anyway, I'd like to show my new interest. He's name is Papoy. I would call him our Cutest Event Mascot! We don't have any real mascot by the way.

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