16 February 2011


We're almost done with several things, almost. Our event was a success as they say but I'm not entirely satisfied. Anyway, I'm happy that we're done with our event but it was still haunting us. My classmate lost my USB that I have been keeping for so long, since fourth year in high school. So what, right? Iti' just that it contains all the files that we need for the attendance of our student guests and other guests. Terrible! And it was my beloved 1GB KingstonUSB.

Besides events management, we're done with our StraMa (Strategic Management) Paper but we still need to revise it. For this week, we only have Professional Deontology (PD) papers. I am done with the two papers required. I only need to attend some more classes to know what to write for the last paper.

We're supposed to be having our Mock Wedding tomorrow but they changed it to a later date. So we'll be having it next week. Ah! Our professor agreed to submit the Policy Manual she made as our requirement on Monday, but I at least wanted to submit it on Friday to get additional points. So right now, I'm working hard on it. We'll be having our reporting on the 28th so we're the last to report. And lastly, we'll be having our defense and finals two weeks from now. I need to give it my best!

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