05 May 2011

Something better


Ever since my finals, I've been doing the same thing everyday except that since last week my sleep time has been altered to normal. That was the greatest thing that happened to me this summer! To be able to sleep early in the evening and be awake early in the morning. Anyway, even though that happened I still got nothing better to do than to stretch my muscles to avoid severe body pain.

Another good thing happened to me this week! Ever since I turned my globe phone on, I've started receiving calls related to work. I've missed three calls who says "Thank you for calling Crowne Plaza Galleria." when I call back. Calling back is pretty useless though since I still can't get to the person who called me. Well, that was HR for sure. However, I was once connected to the HR when I returned the call I just missed. But the HR person says that my number doesn't match any of their documents. So I guess the only thing left for me is to do is to never miss their call. I'm at fault after all for missing their call several times, anyway.

Today, I received a call from IHG Reservations Office. I had a short interview and tomorrow I was scheduled for a visit at RCBC Plaza. I haven't been in that place since our thesis. I haven't gotten any result of the interview from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. So this IHG will be my second official job interview. I wish I could really catch the call from Crowne since I still want to be part of the Food and Beverage Department so that I can't involved myself in Banquet. Banquet was my goal after all. I just have to see what will happen on tomorrow's interview. I still wish to be admitted in a good hotel in Singapore though. If we talked about the pay, Singapore is way better.

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