22 April 2011

Can you lift a corner of universe?


Universe, as defined by most dictionaries and encyclopedias, composed of what we see right beside us to the farthest ends of not only Earth, but of the space outside this planet. However, as it was described in A Corner of the Universe by Ann Martin, each of us, despite being part of a broad universe, has our own universe. To put it simply, each of us has our own world being affected by others and which affects the others. In this universe, we are definitely the center. We maybe normal in our own universe and others are aliens, and vice versa, they are normal in their own universe and we are the aliens. However, we are not mere heavenly bodies in our universe that acts according to what is happening to our own environment; we are humans, with individual personalities, who can go against the environment. Being humans, we can invade other people's universe and either be accepted or rejected. Whatever it is, we have the innate capability to see through one's universe and affect it's center, and eventually change it's nature.

Awww...I hope that I said something not-so whimsical there. I only mean to say that we have the capability to see through one's attitudes and appearance, and affect it in our own way. Anyway, I was touched by the story of Adam and Hattie. I don't know if I could meet someone who have the same experience as Hattie. And maybe, I can be Leila, a passing person in that person's life. Well, well, well....A Corner of the Universe is a good read and I get the chance to learn a new disorder, Schizophrenia. I think it maybe similar to autism but not exactly. By the way, I finished reading the book now, that's why I made such remarks.

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