12 October 2011

The Return to Paradise


It has been 5 days since I returned to my little paradise - Singapore. How was my return? It was terrible. I mean, to return and to go back are two different things. Returning merely means having your same exixtence at the same place. However, going back means being at the exact moment. Basically you can't go back to how your life have been before, but you can simply return to the way you lived it. That's a simple difference but a logical one. I can't go back to my life in Singapore before since the circumstances are entirely different. I can feel it and I know it. I can't fool myself to believe that I can regain the same life as before. Well, I was working at the same area, I see tha same facade of the buildings, but it's different. I know it. Things are simply different.

Anyway, I hate how I was welcomed in Singapore. I mean, I will be staying at an eerie-looking house with a gloomy and dirty ambiance. I was depressed at that very moment. On top of that, there was no wifi or internet connectivity. I feel like going back to the Philippines. I just can't imagine how my life would be without wifi. It was a dead serious and fatal case to people of my generation. Well, I can go to Mcdonald's for a cup of sundae and stay there until my notebook ran out of battery. It was a hassle but I must bear wth it for the time being. That was the cheapest way for free internet access. I'm so sad.

So far, I'm happy for getting a nice photo of Marina Bay. But the greatest was to be able to eat Choco Mochi, Custard-Chocolate An pan and mini choco donut. My beloved treats and breakfast...I was able to eat it. The thing is that I'm almost out of money. My SGD300 were just change now. It was just five days. Well, I bought useful stuff for settling in Singapore. I just have to be wise on my little money.

Marina Bay at night. It was my first time to get this output for a night photography session.

My all-time favorite Chocolate Mochi

Another favorite Mini Chocolate Donut

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