12 October 2011

Ne, it must be boring


The time now is actually a quarter before four in the morning. Today was my day off from work. Although I am not really working yet. I go to work but I am still under training. I do petty works in the Premiere Lounge such as printing files, preparing files, recording inventory, and stuff. The thing is that I need to learn to do the check-in and I wanted to try doing the check-in but I did not get the chance to. I am in the Premiere Lounge for three days now. On my first day, I am being taught about easier tasks and observing how my seniors do the check ins. On my second day, I do stuff that I remember by myself and they allowed me to work by myself on updating profiles. On my third day, which was yesterday, I was hoping to do a check-in and there is actually a chance since there are not much to do and there were only two arrivals left. However, I was not able to do so since the guest I was expecting to come did not arrive. Oh well, I should be able to do a check-in some other time. I should remember and practice on my delivery of the benefits of the Premiere room guests. I was supposed to have a test yesterday but I wasn't able to, as per my manager, since I told her that I still need to practice my delivery although I remember the benefits. There was also a software for Opera Training which I am free to use since it wouldn't affect the system. The thing is that I don't know what I should do with it. I played with reservation a little but it was boring since i basically don't have to input anything in the system for walk-in reservation. I only have to input important basic information and then print the registration card. From then on, it will take sometime to fill up the needed details in the registration card and to check-in the guest. I kind of know what to do, I just need an actual experience in doing that.

The other day, I was struck by the word "Role play". The meaning and essence of that thing just suddenly came to me. I actually hate role playing and acting. But I think that it is helpful in some way. You will have the slight idea of a scenario and from that fake experience you will be able to come up with other things.

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