08 November 2011

One month later...

I have spent one month and three days in Singapore. Honestly, it was an uneventful month. Nothing much happened, really.

Last week, from Monday, 16 September, to Friday, 21 September, I was going to the hotel for training. The first two days were meant for Orientation, then I had my day-off, and the last two days were for training. Almost everyone I worked with in the hotel told me that they value training in that company. I know how important training is for the well being of the employees and of the hotel itself. However, I think they value it too much that there were several training courses one can attend to. Well, I'm not aware of the number of trainings available as of now, but so far, I have attended 3 trainings: safety and security, branding and guest experience. At first, I find this training boring but for the last one I had so far, I think I was begining to have fun. The Training manager, who is also the trainer, is very funny. He can be a good actor. His mood can change easily, and he can project several emotions in one day. It was fun watching him. And the technique to finish the training early so that we can go home early is to participate actively. Feeling fo nga ang epal ko na eh.,/p>

For my first week in the hotel, I was passed from one division to the other to have a general idea of how our whole department works. Honestly, I only learned a little from that kind of training technique. I spent my second week in the division I am actually assigned in. I find myself very timid there, just smiling and not talikng very much. How the hell can I enjoy myself there when I am stuck with two Malaysian girls of Chinese race talking in some Chinese dialect and leaving me out of the conversation. I actually feel like butting in and letting them know of my existence. In my previous work place in Singapore, my colleagues would just say, "Channel 5" (a local channel in Singapore) or "Subtitle" or they will just anyhow tell us to speak in English when we're talking in Tagalog. But I can't say it since I'm new and they might find my attitude to be too rude. You know how I act demanding to my close friends, right? or how I annoy anyone when I feel like it? I'm still trying to grasp they're personality so I'm watching my behavior. Oh well, they're nice people anyway.

The best thing I learned so far is that I need to develop my acting skills since I will have to fake my attitude towards the guests. I mean, I need to be 'plastic' sometimes especially when there is a rude guest. I must also develop my introvert character. But i don't think of myself as much introvert. There's actually a time when a college friend told me "Alam mo, hindi ko maintindihan kung introvert ka or hindi..." or something like that. I think I can be both and then I realized that's what being moody maybe.

For the third week until now, I am attached to the Operator once again. I was attached there once during the first week. The Operator manager told me why I was put to that division. I actually don't know the reason and people are asking me why I am in the operator. Well, she said that my character is very shy and reserved and I was placed to the operator to develop my character into a friendly and cheerful one. I also thought that might be the reason since that was the case for my previous employer where I trained for a month. The reason that the HR officer gave me is that I did not pass the training. I was working there for over a month and they would tell me that I did not pass my training. If I know, she was just pissed off to the way I asnwered her over the phone. So I figured out that she doesn't like my character, but I was trying my best that time to piss off the HR manager, since i don't like her, and I want an easy way out there. It's actually a good thing that they removed me from my position since I have to go to Singapore in a week.

The other day my Premier Lounge Manager told me that I'm doing good in the Operator. The other day too, my Assistant Manager in the Operator told me that I have become more cheerful and she asked me today if I think I'm ready for Premier Lounge. I was also thinking of when I will be back there. I think I can handle mingling to guests and my colleagues there. However, I still need to be trained in the check-in and check-out things, Although I think I can handle check-in slowly. The question is, when will I be back to Premier Lounge? I think they should let me know ahead of time so that I can prepare myself and adjust myself.

I'm having more fun in the Operator since it's back of the house and it's at the far end of the Front Office Department. I mean the office is really at the other side of the hotel. It takes lot of effort to get there. And the people there are fun and we get to do anything when its not busy. In the Premier Lounge, there is the delicate atmosphere, a professional feeling.. Premier Lounge was meant for guests with Premier Club benefits which means they pay higher. The place is good and relaxing but for me, it's way too relaxing that I get too slepy when I'm there. There was actually a time when I almost fell a sleep since I got nothing to do. The people there are nice and my Manager is even kinder than everyone. It was actually a place where I can chill, but for some reason I always display a serious expression when I'm in there. Perhaps it has something to do with the atmosphere. I need to look proper in there and I need to smile always and greet the guests....ah, whatever.

I'm still under probation and I'm pretty scared of that status.

I went to church today...the one nearest to our place. I thought it would just be a few meters of walking but it turned out to be a kilometer or so. It was actually close to our place but the way to get there takes some good distance. I can't believe that Filipinos are not the only Catholic people in the world. I mean, there are indian, chinese and malay races there. There were FIlipinos there, of course, but for other nationalities to be there as well?! It feels weird.

I also went to SG Botanic Gardens today. I just want to photograph my beloved Bandstand but even the place feels different. I mean, it doesn't feel like the same place when I saw it this afternoon. Anyway, I enjoyed my walk in there since I get to mess with people taking shots for wedding. I actually get to take good shots of the couple and the Photographer actually approach me to stop me. WTH?! I came there first and he requested me to move aside. For their information it was a public park. I'm wrong to take photos of people without their consent though. Then I get to see some geeks...well, at least I think that they are geeks. They are taking the effort to take photos of a Ball-jointed doll. The doll was pretty for real. She looks so delicate. I took one shot of the doll.(23.10.2011)

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