06 December 2012

AFA 2012

Well, I admit that this is already a month overdue but here goes what I've seen during the Anime Festival Asia 2012!

It was, well, a long travel from where I live (the West!) and I was kind of out of the mood on the very day of the event. It seems that my excitement wore off the day before the event proper which was on 10 November 2012. I seriously can't trust my mood at times. (-_-')

Below are just some of the cosplayers that interested me during the event. There was this Once Piece troupe but I didn't get to take their photos...too bad! Well, I manage to find a Trafalgar Law Cosplay so I'm pretty much satisfied. I learned a few facts about cosplayers, although these were just from my reasons.

Cosplayers automatically pose once a camera was faced to them. Well, not exactly! If they aren't posing for others before you take their photos they wouldn't even bother to face you. You SHOULD ask them for their permission to be photographed which makes sense.

2. I am not entirely sure about this but I am thinking that Coslpayers are artists in their own way. I mean, did you see the clothes, make-up, hairstyle, and accessories?! I believe most of them are customized which is pretty amazing!

3. I wonder if they are studying or practicing how to project their poses and facial expressions...if they do, they are Certified Cosplayers!


There was also an exhibition of Ball-Jointed Dolls. It was in a small booth but the display was rather wide in range.  Doll collectors are awesome! I am aware how much a ball-jointed doll would cost, but the maintenance of them are out of my knowledge. I think it was pretty tedious buying clothes for such small figures or to even sew clothes for them. Clothes aside, they also have accessories and devices, and even swords?! Aren't Doll Collectors, in a way, cool? However, while I was walking through the exhibition hall, I pass by some Doll Collectors who were holding the dolls in their arms while walking around. It kinda led me to think 'Why am I here?'. It was my first time seeing a guy with a doll sitting in his arm while walking around.

There were a lot of people who went on the first day of the AFA '12 exhibit and more people are coming as the time falls to afternoon. I thought only people of my age or younger would be interested to go to such events. I proved myself wrong when I see people of different ages go there, even families since it was a Saturday. Most of the people there are photography enthusiasts and cosplayers. I don't exactly like crowded places since it was difficult to move around but even so, I stayed there until afternoon.

Bottomline: Cosplay events are amazing! Well, there's another one I'm looking forward to.

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