23 April 2013

The Muffinry Bakery and Cafe


On this day, I just felt like I need to be somewhere by myself. It was a special day after all

Being whimsical as I usually am, I took bus 190 going to Chinatown. I staright away headed for Ann Siang Hill which I found with no difficulty. And there my adventure began.

I've always passed by the signage saying "Ann Siang Hill" but I never once walked along that street. As the name suggests, the street was an upward slope but one that is rather easy to walk. It pretty much looked like the back lane of most busy roads. Upon reaching the intersection, however, several restaurants and bar will welcome you along Club Street and Ann Siang Road. I've always wondered as to where Club Street was, at least I know now.

There was only one cafe in my list located in Ann Siang Hill and that is Kki Cafe. I find the cafe easily by chance despite it being pretty much unnoticeable from the road. It was unfortunate of me though since when I arrived there, there were so much customers dining and the selection of coffee and pastries are limited. I decided to find another cafe.

The nearest cafe I could find in the vicinity was PS Cafe in Ann Siang Road. I struggled a little to find the cafe since it was located on the second level of the establishment. The place was lovely but it intimidated me. Now, I've two cafes to revisit.

I decided to stroll around a little since the place was so interesting. After walking down the stairs and passing through a small alley, I found myself at Amoy Street. I saw a signage of Telok Ayer Street which made me remember the cafes that were in the area. Finding the cafes did not take much time, although I just found them by luck. The Naked Coffee and The Muffinry were located side by side at the end of Telok Ayer Street towards Cross Street.

I decided to go for The Muffinry because it looks more welcoming and cuter. Sure enough, it doesn't just look like it. It really is welcoming and cute!

Interior. It was a really artsy and creative cafe. The display window of the cafe has a shelf that displays cute stuffs and tiny muffins. The wall, painted white, was decorated with colorful origami pieces and various artsy stuff.

Besides the origami, another interesting thing was the collection of coffee beans inside a tube tagged with names of people. I believed that the coffee beans were recommendations of their customers or fellow baristas. There were several tubes in the display, and though it looks messy, it was a unique idea.

The cafe area was small but there were two storeys in it and an attic floor. The first floor was mostly composed of the open kitchen, pastry display, cashier, cute decors and a few tables. It doesn't look bustling when you enter the cafe but after staying in the first floor for a while, I can say that they have a good number of customers ordering coffees for take away.

The second floor and attic floors were only composed of the seats and tables and the restrooms. The attic floor was small and only has six tables. The second floor has the most tables and can surely accommodate a group.

The decors in the second and attic floors were not like the cute and artsy decors of the first floor. They were simple and artistic. Just framed paintings of imaginary variants of a sunny side-up egg in black background. It was eye-catching in its own way. Besides, the paintings fit in with the ambiance of the cafe.

I stayed in the attic floor seeing that there were only two people there. It was pretty much noisy because there was a group in the second floor.

Coffee and Pastry. I ordered a caramel latte and a crème brulée tart. I only waited for a short while since I took my time taking pictures in the first floor. It was a hassle for the service crew to have to go up a couple of stairs to serve the customers. But the cafe was designed as such and they just have to bear with that.

I am no coffee critic but the coffee was good. I can be specific with what I eat and drink but since I liked their coffee, then it was certainly good. As to what extent though, I can't be certain.

I'll try describing the coffee. It doesn't have an acidic flavour and not very strong. I can't really drink very strong coffee. The foam of the latte was thick and creamy. As it was serve in a drinking glass, the drink was not very hot. Otherwise, the foam and latte art wouldn't last long. I had caramel flavour added to my latte but, as usual, the caramel taste was not there. It could have helped lessen the strong flavour of the coffee though.

The creme brulée tart was so-so. I liked it but it was not exactly fantastic. It was a recommendation of the service staff when I mentioned that I had a sweet tooth. Eating the tart was actually a hassle since the burned sugar crystallized. It made a thin layer of hard sugar covering the creamy custard within the tart. So every time I try to cut a piece using my fork, I have to separately break the crystallized sugar before scooping out the tart and custard. It was delicious but not exactly outstanding.

Whereabouts. The Muffinry Bakery and Cafe. 112 Telok Ayer Street.

It was located along Telok Ayer Street nearby Cross Street. The nearest bus stop was Opposite Pricewaterhouse Coopers Building with bus numbers 186 and 970. Nearest MRT stations would be Chinatown and Raffles Place. It would be quite some walk before reaching the cafe though.

[All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2.]

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