30 March 2014

Just Want Coffee

This is one lovely little cafe in the neighborhood of Everton Park. I just stumbled upon this cafe while I was talking a walk in the area so I decided to add it in my list. And I was just glad that I tried it out. Why wouldn't I be if there is such good coffee, good food and friendly barista?

The Coffee. They have quite the interesting menu, well at least for me. Where could I ever find a flower infused coffee? So that really caught my attention and I just have to try that. Cappuccino is what I usually order, but a Rose Latte doesn't sound so bad. It was even better when served with a pretty latte art dashed with those little pink shavings. It is a cup of cuteness with the taste of heaven.

I would normally have two cups of coffee in one sitting, more so if I liked the coffee. Besides the normal espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato which you will normally find in all the restaurants, they also offer hand-brewed coffee. That means more happiness in a cup and I wouldn't let that chance slip by. So for my second cup, I had just that, and it was served in a fancy cup as well.

I am not the espresso kind of person, but their coffee was rich in flavor and the milk foam was thick and creamy. I was not able to taste the flower flavor for the Rose Latte that I ordered. It was because I don't know how rose flower tasted, or because the coffee was too rich that the infused flavoring syrup was overtaken. Either way, I was happy with the coffee that I was served that objectivity accounts to none.

 The Foodie. I went to the cafe right after my night shift so I was pretty hungry. I wasn't a big fan of breakfast plates together with coffee so I tried the waffle which seemed to be a specialty. I ordered the Banana and Dark Chocolate waffle plate. It was a huge serving of waffle that comes with, as the name suggests, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and banana slices. Oh! There was also a good portion of whipped cream just for the note. Honestly, it was kind of difficult to eat but it was certainly delicious. I actually ordered it by recommendation of the staff.

But despite the huge serving of the waffle, I was still hungry! Blame it to the night shift. So, I also tried their sandwich as per the personal favorite of the friendly female barista - Honey Chicken in Olive bread. Even the sandwich was really good. I advise that it should be eaten while still warm because it did not tasted as good when it dropped to room temperature. Also, you might want to ask what else would be included in the sandwich just in case you are kind of picky with food.

The Place. It was generally a small place just like a normal cafe.There were only a few tables and chairs inside the shop and a few outdoor seats. It was fine and all because I usually prefer to be in the counter seat. If you plan to go in a big group, please make reservations ahead of time to ensure that you will be getting enough seats. The place tends to be busy especially on weekends.

I went to the place on a Saturday (30th November 2013) brunch time (around 1000 to 1100hrs) and it was already busy. I was lucky to have a seat by the counter. There wasn't much to take note about the interior of the cafe. The most outstanding was the colorful menu board mounted on the wall opposite the counter. I believe it contained their best-sellers. They also have a chalkboard outside the cafe for their specials.

The Whereabouts. Located in the peaceful neighborhood of Everton Park, the cafe sits in a corner of an HDB. It could be easily missed as it wasn't that visible from the main roads (junction of Neil and Cantonment Roads). The vicinity was quiet with a bit of greenery making the area a bit more cooler and perfect for a stroll.

The nearest MRT station would be Outram Park (NE line). Nearest bus stops available were Blk 3 at Neil Road (service numbers: 61, 120, 166, 167, 196, 197) and Maritime House at Cantonment Road (service numbers: 75, 167, 196). Click here for the map.

Just Want Coffee
Address: Blk 1 Everton Park #01-27 Singapore 011001
Contact Number: (+65) 6225 8115
Email: everton@justwant.com.sg
Visit their Facebook page here.

[Note: 1.Photos are taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Canon 60D; 2. I visited Just Want Coffee on 30th November 2013 and I know that this post is long overdue.]

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