23 January 2011

inevitable meeting

Yesterday, Friday, was the last day of my preliminary examination. I only have one quiz for that day, and it's scheduled early. The course was Philippine Literature, and the exam was easy. So I finished it early, and left for Cavite. I decided to go to SM Dasmarinas and meet with my friend. I arrived early so I stayed in some coffee shop there. It was my first time dining in Mocha Blends. I ordered a hot mocha with marshmallow and a bolognese pasta. I waited for my friend there. I really did not thought about meeting my ex-boyfriend although I knew that there is a possibility, since it's his place. What I mean is that Cavite is his and Manila is mine. That's it. When my friend came, she was with a group of classmates including my ex-boyfriend. My best friend and ex-boyfriend were classmates. See never informed my ex-boyfriend about our meeting, so he was probably surprised. Well, with the lowest possibility of meeting him, I still met him. Well, whatever...I can't take it as destiny bringing us closer. It's just a coincidence. It is inevitable for Dasmarinas being his place. Well, I also realized that meeting him anywhere is inevitable so I just have to act normally around him. No bitterness nor hard feelings. That's it.

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