21 April 2011

Rolling Eyes


"It's night time already. Day time passed by, but it was good. I spent my day doing tons of meaningful things. I finished my journal, I went to visit a cafe in Tagaytay, I went to a photo-printing shop, I continued my scrapbook, I practiced my photography, and now I am updating my blog."

This sounds nice and good, makes me seemed like a very responsible person. However, those words were the ones that I've dreamed to post in my blog once I've finished doing everything. But I can't, since I've never even move a finger towards the completion of those things. I seemed to always lie to myself. I want to go to mall to cool myself and eat my favorite goods, but I can't. I want to go somewhere nice to practice my photography, but I can't. Why? I can't wake up early and that causes to cancel all my plans. Well, somehow, I think I'm doing something meaningful even though I'm staying at home.

I'm currently starting my new fictional story, although I usually only get to start my stories. I really never finish any stories I made aside from the one I did during high school for school requirements. The story, well, it's about an angel who wants to go to the human world, to experience how humans live and meet his fated master. So far, I only have the introduction part of the story. I don't know yet how it should continue. But I'm planning to have the gates of heaven somewhere above Greece. The country is somewhat associated with the Gods and Goddesses, so I think that it'll be a good idea.

Aside from my story, I also am reading a book entitled "A Corner of the Universe" by Ann Martin. The other day I watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I find interesting. So, I search for the ebooks of Lemony Snicket. Now, I have the ecompilation of Lemony Snicket's 13 books about the series of unfortunate events. I also haven't removed my habit of reading comics, and so I've already read tons of titles. That's how I am spending my summer. I really hope to find a job soon.

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