20 July 2012

A Tour Around Little India

I've been planning to visit Little India for a long time now but I'm just afraid to do it alone. But yesterday, 19 July, I've gathered all my courage to do so for the sake of fulfilling my to-do list of the day and for practicing Street Photography.

From my workplace in Orchard Road I walked all the way to Little India via Bencoolen Street. Lately, I've been visiting Bencoolen Street since I find it picturesque for street photography. I actually did a round trip from Orchard Road to Little India and it's quite tiring. I even went to East of Singapore to eat afterwards.

Little India is just the one-of-its-kind type of place. Like Chinatown, it's a bustling place, and most of the people there are Indians. It makes sense considering the name of the place. Anyway, besides being a bustling place, it's also kind of interesting for people who likes photography. There were many picturesque places, as per my perspective, that is. But since, I believe and someone would agree with me as well, I have an eye for beauty, I guess my words this time is, at least a little, to be trusted.

Frankly speaking, I actually felt like I was in Quiapo (in Philippines) while I was roaming around the area. Chinatown gives off a Divisoria-like feeling. And if you search these in Google, you will find out that these are famous, busy market places. Little India has a market for fresh vegetables and flower garlands. Seeing the place from the main street like Serangoon or Rochor Roads, you would realize that it was a very busy area, and kind of interesting, maybe. But you must go further, inside the small streets of the bustling place. All the good stuff should lie scattered around there. Not all things are seen in bare eyes or something like that, I guess.

If you have any plans to visit there while in Singapore, and I suggest that you must go there, make sure to roam around the whole place. The area takes up some good distance though. The markets stretch from Rochor Road all the way to Farrer Park MRT Station. Mustafa, a well-known shopping centre for being open for 24 hours and for it's cheap goods as well, is somewhere near Farrer Park MRT station. I only managed to go around the area near Rochor Road so I probably missed a lot of good stuff. Anyway, I'll be visiting there again, around Jalan Besar, maybe.

*  My friend suggested me never to go there on weekends, and I would suggest that too. It'll be more bustling that it normally is.

*  Bring yourself and your camera and tag a friend along. It would be more enjoyable and you might feel more secure as well.


All photos were taken using Canon Powershot G11. Alternate post in Wordpress here

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