01 July 2012

Absence of Color: Things Seen in Black and White

At the moment, I still don't get the basics of black and white photography. Although I've tried using black and white setting on my camera, I just can't call it a product of black and white photography. I also edited colored pictures and turned it into a black and white photograph but I still feel the same. I am still following the tips I read before when shooting for black and white photographs. I won't mention them at the moment since I am not very confident of my results as of yet.
Black and white photographs are just love. They catch your eyes, not with funky colors, but with the intensity and emotions the photos convey. Now, I wonder what emotions my photos express?
Photos below are randomly taken.

All photos are taken using Canon PowerShot G11 at different dates and time and weather.

I've uploaded basically everything here and even added some more photos. Anyway, here's the alternate post in Wordpress.

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