04 July 2012

Film 001: Kodak Gold ISO 200

The very first film I used for my Holga 135BC is a 35mm Kodak Gold ISo 200 color film. Actually this is not the ISO film advised in the manual of the camera. As per the manual, I should be using either a ISO 100 or ISo 400 film. But based on the availability of the film in the store and my knowledge of digital photography, ISO 200 should do in sunny daytime photography. The thing is, I got that wrong, becuase I did not consider the fixed aperture and shutter speed of the camera. So I am very hesitant regarding the outcome of my photos. I will make sure to buy the ISO 400 next time so I can use it indoors. :)

So, I received a text message from the store yesterday afternoon, 03 July, saying that my film is ready for collection. Have they sent me the message earlier, I would definitely come and get it on the same day. I have to go to work which is of course my priority.

I went to the store without bringing cash because I was thinking I could pay using my card. Unfortunately, the card reading device the store has was down and the minimum amount for card payment was S$20. I am only going to pay S$8 for the processing fee. So then, I have to go to the nearest mall in order to dispense some money from an ATM.

I quickly check the photos I took using my Holga which they provide in a 4R size photo paper. And yes, the 37 photos were very small but at least I can see them before going home to see the the pictures in the CD. I decided to print some pictures that interested me so I have to leave the negatives again and the color print.

I also asked the sales person to assist me in loading a new film since I wasted a film I tried loading and rewinding a few days ago. Then, it turns out that the Film Advance Knob of my Holga was broken. I don't really know why but I'm guessing that it was because I just put it in my bag as it is. I have to buy a camera bag for that next time. It's a good thing that the sales lady offered to change the camera since I bought it in the same store not long ago. She also taught me how a technique how to take out the ends of a film that was fully rewound.

So, below are the photos that are taken randomly. The photos turned out better than I thought.

The Stamford House

Stamford Court

Bronze Statues displayed outside National Museum

Stone blocks displayed outside National Museum

National Museum

Dhoby Ghaut Green



My Art Space

Peranakan Place

Orchard Road

Youth Park




Housing Blocks

Pending Road

(All photos are taken using Holga 135BC with a Kodak Gold ISO 200 Color Film. Original/alternate post here.)

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