29 July 2012

Sentiments of a (non)Photographer


Amateur. Professional. Hobbyist. Enthusiast. Trying hard. Frustrated.

Let me say this for once, and for my own self-satisfaction as well. Photographers have eyes for beauty and intricate details. They capture what they want as long as they are behind the lens. They know how to play around with light to get perfect results for a photograph. They adjust the settings of the camera as if it's the most normal thing to do, just like reciting ABC's. They freeze moments in photographs, like re-creating the real scene, perhaps in an even better view. The thing is, however in love a photographer is with a scenery, he can never capture a perfect shot of himself together with that scenery. Definitely, or at least I think, something will go wrong.

These are my personal thoughts about being a photographer. I am not a fully-pledged one, though, and not even very skillful at that. But seriously, whenever I try to photograph myself, I only get 1 out of 10 good result. It's because I use whatever resources I have. I have no tripod nor a shutter release remote. I get fair results every now and then, but still...

It makes me happy that people are making my pictures their default photo in their social networking accounts. The thing is, I don't have much pictures of myself in my own camera. I don't really like others taking a photo of me, for some unknown reason. Whenever I feel like changing my default photo, I will organize a photo session for myself somewhere. I seriously do that. I have friends but it's bothersome to look for someone available on the same day I am free. So, I'd rather do it alone.

These days, there were various camera types that allows you to flip its LCD. My camera is like that. But even if you use the self-timer or a shutter release button, it just doesn't go exactly right. It's a sad thing that even though one is an excellent photographer, he can never capture how he imagined the photo of himself to be. At least that is what I am thinking.
You've read this far, now drop my thoughts. I'm just getting depressed over these facts. I get 'accidental' good results from time to time by doing a self-photo-shoot. I can be a pessimist at certain times of the month. It's kind of frustrating. Now, just forget everything I said.

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