17 March 2011

A seat in the Orchard Road


Today was very tiring. I and three of my friends went to a recruitment agency for cruise lines. We actually went there only expecting to know what their qualifications and requirements are. In the end, we end up submitting our resume and applying. We really can't believe it at first but when our names were called, we know on that instant that this is the reality of after-school life. Kit and Joseph were given the chance to be interviewed. Actually, I think that the interviewer had a crush on Joseph since he really insisted on looking for a position for him. He was the last one and we waited for him for so long.

After our job hunt venture, Kit and I went to SM Megamall to eat at Orchard Road. We missed Singaporean food that's why we really went there. However, we're somehow disappointed since we knew the authentic taste of the dishes that we ordered. I ordered lemon chicken and the lemon sauce tasted just like the one I made.

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