16 March 2011



Yesterday, March 15, 2011, we had our awarding ceremony, though it's informal, for our thesis paper and defense. Despite having various awards, we only got one gold medal for each member of our group. Cheapskate!

Together with the fourth year's awarding, is the awarding of the third year's feasibility study, paper, defense and exhibit. Their exhibit is, of course, less than fabulous than ours, and less expensive as well. We enjoyed ours anyway. The third year's awarding, as compared to our thesis awarding, is quite prepared. They have medals for every award, and they even got trophies.

I got some more good news, our paper got accepted for full paper presentation in APacCHRIE on June 2 to 5. It was a three-day tour to Hongkong. I wish I could go there. First, I need to focus on finding and having a job and then earning enough for the Hongkong Tour. :)

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