10 March 2011

Sweet Craving


Since sometime last month, I've been wanting to taste new flavors. What I mean is that, I've been searching for restaurants, through blogs and word-of-mouth recommendation, that weren't that overrated (not so much well-known but serves great food).

So, I've started my The Moody Foodie journey by Papa John's Pizza last 24 February 2011. It was followed by Banchetto at Ortigas. For those who don't know what Banchetto is, I will just say that it's a night food market located somewhere in Ortigas. It's only open every Friday (or so I thought?), around midnight to dawn. I also ate, with a few friends, at The Pancake House in Mall of Asia. And today, I ate at Micha's Pastry Shop in University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB).

I only went to UPLB to visit a friend and she told me of this really good pastry shop in their place. As part of my The Moody Foodie journey, of course, I tried it.

This is the store. It was small for a dine-in establishment. But, since they basically offer take-out pastries, then the size does not really matter.

This is the Cream Puff that I ordered. This reminds me of Dulcinea's cream puff. The size was the same but the price greatly differs. I don't know about Dulcinea's taste, but I liked this one.This was sold for only Php20.00.

This is a carrot cake, with some kind of icing on top, ordered by my friend. I likeD this too even though I don't really eat carrot cakes. :)

This is the Mango Egg Tart that we ordered for our second round of pastries. This was fantastic aside from the kind of hard crust. Bottom-line, this is the best I had for the day.

Lastly, this is the Chocolate Eclair that I ordered for our second round of pastries. Well, this is good but not that good. Since I already have a chocolate preference for Sun Moulin and nothing beats that taste so far.

After eating, we originally plan on going to the Philippine Carabao Center, but since its raining and we're full we decided to go to my friend's dormitory and get some shut eyes. That was all for my sweet cravings. :)

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