21 March 2011



How much is the percentage of unemployment rate in the Philippines? I would like to know to welcome myself? No way!

Lately, I've been checking company websites, especially hotels, and job advertising websites, to check the job openings and vacancies. I have been wanting to be employed for a part-time or casual employment while waiting for my Singapore application results. I have sent e-mails with my resume to three companies/hotels as of now. I've been redoing my cover letter over and over again and I have been editing my resume several times now. Maybe I should just go for a walk-in application? I have tried that with a recruiting agency for cruise ships but I was kind of rejected. However, I will try to apply for hotels next time. I'm still going for casual employment since I am not definite with my Singapore application. Ah, I just can't wait doing nothing.

Here's a good news: My parents agreed about me going to Hongkong and they will pay for it. What I'm talking about? My group's thesis paper was accepted for the 9th APacCHRIE to be held in Hongkong on June 2-5, 2011. It was a big opportunity for me so I might as well go there. :)

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