16 March 2011

Steak House by Bob :)


I just had a very good meal today at Tender Bob's located at The Block, SM City North EDSA. I ate ribeye steak and I never imagine that there would come a day when I will be paying for my own restaurant bills.

Ribeye Steak. Delicious!

I was with Clar, and we ordered the same entree. She ordered Mud Plate for dessert and I ordered Mango Crepe, we shared it, though.

Mango Crepe. 1 third left. I was too excited that I forgot to take a picture.

Mud Plate. Giant scoop of chocolate ice cream. gummy worms. oreo crushes. chocolate drizzle. chocolate candies. whipped cream. cherry.

I simply love the lemonade. Due to my preferences, I asked if they could give me a cherry, just one piece. Our server returned telling me that she can give me 5 cherries for Php35.00. What am I gonna do with the other four cherries if all I want is just to put it in the lemonade?! But I still like the lemonade. In the end, I took the cherry in the mud plate and crushed it in the lemonade. :)

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