17 July 2011

Dreaming of the Past


I want to run from the shadows of my past
It's a past that belongs to the two of us
A past overflowing with happiness
And once in a while comes a gust of sadness.

The time we spent is slowly disappearing
And being with you feels like a dream flowing
I used to cherish every second with you
Now, it's like a surreal dream that can't be true.

I remember no more the "me" around you
It was like she disappeared out of the blue
She's just a mere part of me longing for you
And, for the best, locked herself from all the sooth.

Who are you by the way? I know you no more
I do not remember the "you" from before
Your voice, your smile, how you become mad at me
I have forgotten all of you...all of it.

What have become of us now? I don't know too
Remembering is unneeded, we are through
We decided to take two separate ways
And parting is not a simple game we play.

It's what we choose: to be apart hereafter
It's for the best and will not make us suffer
So now, the past will only appear in dreams
For dreams don't come true, and pasts can't be redeemed.

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