18 July 2011

My First Day of Official Job


I already worked at Marriott for 10 days, though it was under Keystone Agency. Anyway, today is my eleventh working day and my first day of work for official job, which means I'll get paid for working today. I still don't have a contract for some reason. I haven't completed gathering my requirements, either. I am just way too lazy to get it done.

Today, I was assigned at The Hub by my coordinator but my captain asked me to serve at Grand Ballroom. I think the number of guests plays around 500 to 700 pax. Anyway, I was only assigned to two tables. I'm quite thankful that my tables aren't as full as the others. I have a couple of elders to guide, and I also need to assist the tables around me, as well as the guests at the buffet tables. I received a lot of thank you's today so I am quite happy. We poured water to the water goblets late or the guests just came in a bit too early so it was a mess with the water. We get it done anyway, so it's fine. I went to work by 15:00 and should be finished by 23:00 which is a fact that I don't really like. If I were to come in by 17:00, I will be signed out by 1:00 which is good because I will definitely get tip. It was a wedding by the way, so we'll definitely get a good amount. But unfortunately, I didn't participated in the closing tasks, so that's how it is.

By the way, the wedding reception is just so wonderful. It reminds me of Peter Pan Movie, where Wendy and Peter dances in mid-air with tiny fairies surrounding them. I'd like to have a wedding like that, as well. I'll make sure that It'll be more fairytale-like. I love the cake too although it was way too high for me. I'd like mine to be just a few layers. Well, they are rich so they can afford it. :)

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