11 July 2011

Rush in Life


Okay! So I will be updating my blog about the latest things I've been doing. Seriously! My blog has been out of date since the Marriott thing. How do I start? Hmmm. . . about my crochet projects first? I'll go with that.

Thread by the Hook

I'm being crazy about my crochet projects! Really! I got a list of things that I wanna do, but I'm not even done with my current projects. I am currently working on my amigurumi toys and my laptop cover sheet.

My amigurumi toys are not yet done. It's been so long already since I started them. However, I was jumping from one project to another, so I wasn't able to finish this one yet. They're close to completion anyway, so I guess it's fine.

I want the laptop cover sheet to have the feel of a sunset so I decided to use the colors I currently have to project the idea of the sunset. I used orange, baby pink, light yellow, and red for this project. I haven't added the baby pink color yet, but I will add it in the project when it is appropriate already.

These are the projects that I have finished so far. I started them while I'm not done with my amigurumi toys.

I made a new headband to keep my bangs from my face, especially while using a headset. I got the idea of putting beads from the store Accessorize in Mall of Asia.

I just got the crazy idea of wanting a new beanie and so I just decided to make one. It's actually quite big for my head but since I have redone the beanie a few times already, I'm afraid the yarn would be worn out so I left it as it is. I just need to patch up the excess yarns. :)

I already have a collection of yarns. I only have two kinds of different colors though. I know I'm crazy for buying lots of yarns without having anything to do with it so far. I have Cannon, Red Heart, Familia and Monaco brands. I want a different kind of yarn though, I just don't know how to get my hands on those.

I even bought two magazines for my crochet hobby. I just need to have a hard copy so I could use it as my guide. It's helping me so far. I also have this feeling of "hobby" by having these manuals to guide me. (LoL)

On-The-Job Training

My training on Marriott Hotel Manila Started last 29 June 2011. Compared to my training in Singapore, this one is pretty much easier. It only makes my feet hurt and that's all. Sometimes it's boring, and sometimes you just have to watch over the guests while the function is on-going. So far, I think I have done everything there is to it. There are times that by only waiting for guests, I am becoming a mobile concierge. I even receive tips and that makes me happy for some reason, even though it was just money. I think I already met almost all the casual employees in the banquet. I heard that some were already there and staying for nearly two years. I don't know why, but if they stay there for too long, will there be anything for them to go? I mean, is there a chance that they can be regular employees if the chances are really low? Well, if they were to stay there for too long, I think that they're done for. As for me, I wanted to grow in the department especially in the Banquet sector and this is my first step. I know I can do this. :)

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