17 November 2015

Hi there

Been a while, or not. But it sure has been a while since I last opened my new laptop to use for web browsing. Because I always end up just crashing into the bed the moment I got home. Or go for a quick run, eat something, take a shower and go straight to sleep. I still read my fan-fictions though, using my phone. And the battery is slowly dying. Although my reading has slowed down by a lot, my fandom on the other hand, seemed to grow by a lot. I had started to imagine one character in the image of a real human, and well, he just happens to be the actor in my head whenever I read the fictions. The other character, on the other hand, is pretty difficult to give a proper human image for some reason, and he happens to be my favorite too. And I am reading too much pastel-punk that I am starting to think that pink is a nice color. And if you happen to know me for a long time, you would be overly surprised by this thought because when you say pink to me, that is just a flat out no. And I had a grave thought that baby pink Converse would look so punk, and I can handle that - not!

And yeah, I did post a random story recently which is not a story at all if I cannot put a proper follow up, which is both easy and difficult. I have a material, based on a true story that I know very well, but has forgotten some bits and pieces of. Though it will be based on a true story, the actual story posted  here will be different than the original to make it more fictional. And while I was typing the second part of it, I suddenly stopped as a question hit me: Where am I going with this? Yes, there's already a second part.

Honestly, I don't know. I have two different endings for it. The story will just make itself, I am just giving it the form it needed to materialize. The story is alive on its own.

Yes, this is another random blabber because I just have to. And I actually chose this over mapping out my Japan trip. Oh well.

Well, that's it. Ciao!

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