14 November 2015

I locked myself out at 4AM

It's not the best situation to be at considering the time. I did not even intentionally did it to myself, because why the f should I. How it all came to be? That's the funny part.
After I had enjoyed my fandom to an extent that I was satisfied with, I had decided to hit the sack. I was already past the point of being sleepy. I just held it off for a little bit longer just so I could read more of the fan-fictions I was currently addicted to. By the time my mind is no longer processing the words from the screen of my phone, and my eyes could no longer keep itself up steadily, I had decided it was time for me to give in to the needs of my body - sleep.
Before I fully retire for the night, I decided it  was best to make a quick visit to the bathroom, and so I did. I always keep the door of my room close, because I was technically staying with strangers in the same house although I have a room all to myself. I flicked the switch of my room light, not wanting to go back into a dark room after my business, and step on the scattered books and paper on the floor. After I closed the door to head to the bathroom, I gave my doorknob a funny look, like something was off with it. But I shrugged it off, too tired to think of what might be wrong with it.
Then I returned to my room, and turned the knob to open the door. But it didn't. I paused, the gears in my head was already in motion, and tried to turn the knob again but to no avail. As tired as my mind was, I was able to effin' figure out, in that short span of time, that I had locked the door, after I turned on the light and get out of the room. It was a reflex habit whenever I leave my room and will be out for long hours, most of the time for work. I tried a few more times, wanting to make myself believe that I might have been just too sleepy, and that my door was just playing a trick on me. Apparently, this was really happening. My feeling back then? Awful.
I had thought before of what will I do should I actually lock myself out, but never got to any conclusion believing that  I would never do such a thing to myself. Well, accidents really do happen when you least expect it. Who would want to be locked out at four in the morning, geared for sleep, and without anything on you besides the clothes you are wearing and a messy state of mind? NO ONE.
So what had I done to get myself out of the unexpected predicament? Think. My phone was not with me, and I cursed myself for not always bringing in with me where ever I go. Now I have proven that it was best to always have my phone with me, no matter what, for emergency cases like this one, despite not really wanting to. I came up with a few solutions to my problems. Crashing into a friends place for the night was one. I could probably find someone with a phone and logged into Facebook to get one of my friends who's currently up at four am (because I am definitely not the only one). I could borrow money from that friend too, for taxi, and immediate shopping first thing in the morning. Second was to go up to the floor where the owner of my place is staying. I do not want to bother them but I have no choice but to do so. I tried ringing the bell a few times but there was no answer. There was a lock on the gate, so I figured they are out of town again. Well, that made me feel like I was screwed big time.
So I went back into my place, thinking whether I should bother one of the tenant for help. To my luck, some people were still up at that certain time. I hesitated to knock on their door, but they eventually went out to probably cook some supper. I borrowed the girl's phone to call the owner's number, which rang about ten times before going to voicemail. I tried a second time but the same thing happened. So I gave up. They were so willing to help me that they even took out several cards (the easiest way of trying to be a locksmith), and even some pins to pick the door. But it was not working. They knocked on another room to call out their friend, who ended up calling another person to help, before calling two more person for the job.
I honestly found it amusing how six strangers were gather outside my room door, at past four am trying to pick the knob, or force open the door. They were speaking a language I don't really understand but I still find it amusing, despite the desperate situation I was in. I was even trying to keep my frustrated look on, because from another person's view, I probably don't appear to be the person who's supposed to be stressed out about not having a place to sleep for the night. A smile, or laughter even, was threatening to slip out of me, and it was a hard feat trying to keep that from happening. I allowed myself small, shy smiles at their jokes, at least.
Seriously though, my situation was dreadful. But I was not exactly worried about not having a place to crash for the night. I could work something out once I got a hold of one of my friends. That was my last resort, which I did not share to any of them because I still have hope on my door being opened. If worst comes to worst, we could always break the knob, or the door. The first was a better choice, because it's easier and cheaper to change the door knob than the entire door. So I was just enjoying the experience then.
Luckily, one of the guys managed to open the door, and they all let out a frustrated sigh to find out that the lock was the easiest to open actually. As to why it wouldn't simply open? I don't know, probably someone out there just wanted to give me a good time right then, which I actually did. More than be annoyed at the situation I got myself in, I really find it amusing.

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