14 November 2015

Well, hello again

I am pretty proud of myself that I finally got to post about my Malaysia trip (minus all the bad trips). it was generally a fun experience honestly, if the really long bus ride did not put me on the edge of insanity. I know well enough that I cannot stay put, or that my attention span is much like a child's. So long as my brain is working on something, I am actually fine. You can leave me alone for hours with a read to my liking and I wouldn't complain very much. Probably.
Anyway, point is, Malaysia trip is over and done with although I shall return. Next thing I need to work on is my first Vietnam trip covering Danang-Hue-Hoi An-Ho Chi Minh. I must finish it before I got too immersed with my next trip, which I am already planning now. Besides I still have to put another one about the coffee culture of Sai Gon. It's only sometimes that I indulge myself with travelling and seeing places, because I do not always have the resources to do so.
My next trip is Japan, Kansai region. I am intending to go there by the end of this month, and I still have no Visa, no flights booked, no hotel bookings, no minute-detailed itinerary...basically, nothing 'confirmed'. the only thing I am certain about is that I am going there and eat takoyaki and okonomiyaki day in and day out.
I already have temporary travel plans for next year. Philippines for summer, Vietnam again around May to June focusing on Da Lat  and (probably) Mui Ne, and Australia after July, if my friend's plans of going there to study actually materializes. Maybe I could add Korea and drag one of my Korean friends to be my tour guide and let me crash in their place. But I was also thinking of trying out European countries, and Greece is just on top of the list, because why not? Or maybe Spain. If only Romania isn't such an odd choice (which is not really new to me), I would probably risk going there alone just to see the Castle that was on Dracula.
But first, I need to proceed with my Japan trip and actually make a proper, easy itinerary for sight seeing, eating and just simple walking around. My targets this time are Kyoto and Osaka. That's it! I need to continue on my planning. A+

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