21 November 2015

Just another late night ramble

I am still having issues with my home wifi and Chi. And it's worst on weekends. I should remind myself to call the owner first thing tomorrow.

So, I am just doing my count down to my most awaited Japan trip, that is about to happen in nine days. I still haven't done enough research about getting around the area, the train system especially. The country has so many lines running in Kyoto and Osaka alone. To top it off, it's expensive. I purchased a 2-day JR Kansai pass just so I could go to Himeji and Iga Ueno-Koka areas the cheapest way possible. A trip to Nara is still affordable as compared to the other three places. I will also get Haruka and ICOCA package when I arrived in Japan, for the train from the airport and back, and for my general trips. Half of my pocket money might go to transportation expenses, and as much as I wanted to avoid that, I couldn't. My friend offered for me to stay in her place in Neyagashi, somewhere between Osaka and Kyoto, and that was too good of an offer to pass up. That had me saved about four to five hundred for accommodation, and the supposed budget for that will go to the transportation, which would still be cheaper as compared to the accommodation.

I was so glad that my friend asked me to stay with them, because the guesthouses I booked have shared bathrooms. I tried to look for better ones, with private bath attached to the room within my budget but it was to no avail. It doesn't really differ much with my current situation but total, and to share shower areas with complete strangers is just making me queasy I guess. I remembered when I was looking for rooms near my Uni before, bathroom is more of a priority to me rather than the very room. So long as the room doesn't feel very cramped, it's fine. But if I think the bathroom just feels off, well, it's already  no-go. And the bathroom shouldn't feel and look small at all. I am that particular with my bathroom at least.

So now, I am staying in Neyagawa-shi and I will cancel my accommodation bookings soon. I have also started to pack my things, and my room is in a state of calamity right now. My clothes are every where, because I have to try and see my outfits when i actually go around in Kansai. I will be wearing layered outfits, which will be taken for granted because everyone else is wearing the same. Another thing I am excited about is the clothing. Since it's the beginning of the winter season, if it hasn't started yet, the temperature will be definitely cold. I'm actually afraid I might not be able to take it so I will come prepared, bringing all my clothes meant for cold areas, and some other pieces I could match with them for layering, to keep me warm. the term hypothermia has been in my mind every since my friend told me that the temperature might be less than ten degrees when I get there. I am pretty weak to the cold so I am not sure how my body will react to the change of climate.

I wanted to wear black boots for my trip but I could not find a much affordable one with guaranteed quality here in Singapore. I am also looking for a particular style and design so it's pretty difficult to find one too. Otherwise, i'll by one from Japan, since my friend told me it might be cheaper there with all the Winter sale going on. Despite not being one for shopping while on holiday, I might make exceptions for Japan. It's legit shopping for winter clothes alright. Not simply buying cardigans, knitted-wears, hoodies and pullovers because I like them and they're on sale. So far I think my baggage can still handle a few more additional stuff on the way back to Singapore.

Well, I am simply excited for my trip. By the way, I had finally gotten a haircut and treatment. It's somehow a routine to cut my hair short around September because I try to go back to Philippines then. But I purchased a groupon package for a haircut-chemical treatment-hair treatment for a lot better price than the original. It was still more expensive as compared to when I had it done in Philippines.

I had also tried out two new cafes the past week. Ronin Cafe is an instant favorite if not for the fact that it's always full. The Book Cafe is not exactly my kind of coffee shop. But the ambiance is good.

So, I have turned on and off the router more than three times while typing this and that gets on my nerves. I am so calling the owner tomorrow and bitch about the terrible internet connection. A+!

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