09 January 2011

Fluffy Pancake

I'm spending the weekends in my hometown, Cavite. It's not faraway from Manila. I only returned home to get some nice clothes for the retreat. I should at least look presentable in front of other people. So I decided to get some nice clothes to wear. I'm really looking forward to Caleruega. I should manage to get some good photos.

I just realized that dorms are designed to let people get some good rest. I only think that way because I always get sleepy in the dorm. It's because of the ambiance, maybe. In addition to that, there is nothing much to do. On the contrary, houses are built to keep the person relaxed. Well, I almost never get tired while facing the my laptop and staying home all day. I also got nothing better to do.

BY the way. I cooked pancakes today. I did a little experiment. I used a ready-made chocolate pancake mix. I prevented incorporating much air into the batter. Then, I folded in a little amount of merengue. The first one that I cooked is soft and kind of fluffy. I added some more merengue in the batter every after pouring the batter into the pan. In the end, because of the merengue too, the last pancake is kind of stiff and dry. I now know how to make fluffy pancakes.

This is the Chocolate Pancake that I cooked today. It's all messy because I'm not good at cooking. I tried my hardest to make it look nice, though.I topped it with icing and cookies and cream white chocolate.

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