11 January 2011

Roller Coaster?!

I am currently riding a roller coaster where I am the only rider. I am bothered by this guy who is a close friend of mine. I already convinced myself a long time ago that I wouldn't fall for him. I already fell for him before, but I managed to lose interest. Then, here it comes again. It was probably because I am having false hopes. Well, since we're close friends and classmates, and group mates in many activities, I can't really be away from him. Then, I started noticing that there are times that he's being too clingy with me. I haven't observed if he acts that way to other girls too. But I don't think so. I used to be clingy with him since we met first met on my third year of college. However, I decided not to be too intimate in my being clingy with him. Why? Because I have already been in a situation where the guy, who is a close friend of mine too, fell for me because I'm being too familiar with him. I don't want to repeat the same mistakes. But, I can't remove all these uneasiness, can I?

This is me with bangs.
I cut my own bangs.

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