12 January 2011

I'm ready!


Later today our retreat will begin! Aha! The current time is 3:20am. I'm not that excited to wake up this very early. I just slept the night away yesterday, hence I woke up very early today.
I am totally looking forward to having a good time bonding with the class. It will be the very first time that the whole class will be out for some days to relax.I hope nothing bad happens. Well, there were people hated in the class, so I just hope that they will shut up for the good of this retreat.

I got a terrible news yesterday. My classmates told me that the creator of the Hunter X Hunter is already dead. How can the story finish now? I've been into Hunter X Hunter lately. Actually, ever since it was aired in the Philippines. The anime itself has hanging ending, but the manga is totally unfinished. What will happen to Gon now? Will he ever find his father? Whaaaaa! I hate unfinished stories! I wish that someone will continue the story of Hunter X Hunter for the sake of people like me who loves that anime. ONEGAI!

I am quite some anime-otaku. I admit. I'm just like that.

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