03 January 2011


The society that we are living in right now is a cynical type, as well as common. It is almost the same society, never changing through generations, besides its improving technology. It is still the society with people judging their fellows, as if considering themselves, the previous, flawless and the latter a good-for-nothing pest. This has been a typical episode in the society, like a cliché scene that has been used in all the films and dramas. Everyone knows this, unconsciously though. They knew it, they are aware of it but they never tried to understand it.
Impressions last, they say. So, it became somehow natural for people to show their best side to others at first. However, these impressions will be taken over once the bad side of a person has been revealed. Even if all you did in your whole life is to be good to others, once you did something bad, even for just once, all the people around you even those you’ve helped will turn their back towards you. That’s just how life in a society is.
It is said in the song of a popular girl group that, “people are all the same, you will only get judged by what you do, personality reflects name….” It has been common that you will be remembered by the worst thing you did in your life. People are given a sense of vision and reasoning, however, they never learn how to use it properly. People learn to enhance these senses negatively, by having a pair of sharp eyes to point out other’s faults, and by using their reasons to put altogether and emphasize others wrongdoings.
Every individual thinks that he or she is perfect; that he or she never did anything wrong; that he or she is the center of his or her world. It is a natural self-defense of a person to boost his or her self-esteem, so as not to withdraw from society. It is also a method to attract other’s attention, particularly those who share the same thoughts as him or her. Then, later on, this method leads to a formation of a group where one can prove to him or herself that he or she has a place to belong.
Stereotyping is indeed a method to force others to withdraw from society, as well as the cause of group formation. This has caused the society to be divided into groups with different views. Stereotyping has both positive and negative effects to every individual but at the end it is also what brought them to find their so-called comfort zone.

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