31 March 2012

After the Rain

I went for a lone journey again. Well, it's not in a far away country but it was on another close-by island - Sentosa Island Singapore. When I arrived there it started raining, I was so annoyed that I wished I did not go. I didn't know it was a blessing in disguise since it helped me learn more about my camera. I haven't mustered it though and I don't really understand how it works. I am talking about the manual focus. I don't really use it since I use macro settings most of the time. I still don't know the difference but I will find it out.

behind the lens

Again, I'll let the photos do the talking. Sometimes I feel like my G11 has a mind of its own. Like I just press the shutter for it and it will do all the set-up. I used Manual for all the photos and change the settings every now and then. The photos were taken at Imbiah Look-out after a heavy rain this afternoon.












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