22 March 2012

Hide&Seek! @ Killiney to Mohamed Sultan Road

Every time I am going home from work, there is a street that I always see. I have never been to that part of Orchard hence making me wonder what could be there. So one day (it was my off the following day :) ), out of whim, I went there. I sometimes call myself Little Dora (although Dora is smaller than me) when I'm out on adventures.

Killiney Road

Perpendicular to Orchard Road is Killiney Road. It was just a plain road with several small food stores closer to the Orchard Road side. As I go farther from Orchard, it becomes a peaceful residential area comprised of, probably, high-end condominiums. There was a street which really caught my attention as its name is similar to that of my university's patron saint - St. Thomas.

At the end of Killiney Road is River Valley Road. I have been somewhere in this road before. It was the time when my girl friends had a night out and we ate in a good restaurant somewhere here. I could have been somewhere far from that though. I was actually in a cross road but I decided not to cross the street and walked (to my right-hand side) along River Valley Road.

Kim Yam Road

There was another pedestrian. Since there are several people crossing the street I also crossed with them. I only had a short walk in River Valley Road. At first, I don't know what street I am at so I can't even search it on my ever-reliable Ovi Maps. I continued walking and saw a Chinese-themed complex. I am not sure what kind of establishment was there but it was interesting. Besides the Chinese Arch and Pagoda, there were carvings on the walls along the street. I took some photos but never really bothered thinking what could be the whole thing is about.


I walked further and saw the end of the road. Before I left the road, I saw some old-looking establishments. Its type was part of my interests, hence I turned it to my subject.


I reached the end of the road and finally discovered its name - Kim Yam Road.


From Orchard Road, I always go to Clarke Quay either by bus or by train since I am thinking that it was far. This time, however, I realized how close Clarke Quay is from my workplace. I just have to cross a park and voila! I'll be there. I realized this because at the end of Kim Yam Road, there was Robertson Walk which is just next to Clarke Quay.

So, I reached Robertson Walk, which I usually refer to as Robertson Quay or Quay Side. That was actually the end of my walk because the rest of the area is already familiar to me.



There was a time before when I went to Holiday Inn Atrium (Havelock Road) to meet a friend. I came way too early so I told her that I be walking around first. The area was really boring (as compared to Orchard Road) so I walked quite far from the hotel. That was the first time I discovered Robertson Quay and the time I first discovered what was around the area.

One of the coffee shop in my Coffee Trail list is actually somewhere here so I tried looking for it. Luckily I was able to find it but unfortunately it was close.I will make sure to check the operating hours of the coffee shops before I visit them. Smitten Coffee and Tea bar is located at the Quay Side part, just after Robertson's Walk.

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